Incheon Hyundai Steel manager Kim Eun-sook said, “We have to beat Suwon to be the real champion, and we waited for the championship match against Suwon.”

“I really wanted to meet Suwon FC Women in the championship game. I want to show that the WK League can play such a great game.”

Incheon Hyundai Steel manager Kim Eun-sook delivered a message to fans ahead of the Suwon FC Women’s Game 1 of the 2023 WK League Championship at Suwon Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 19th.

Incheon Hyundai Steel, which has won 11 consecutive regular league titles, has represented the Korean women’s soccer club in Group B of the AFC Women’s Club Championship group stage in Uzbekistan since the 6th. He beat FC Nasaf 2-0 on the 6th, won 2-1 against Bam Katun (Iran) on the 9th, and won 3-0 against Sydney FC (Australia) on the 12th to return to Korea as he topped Group B with three consecutive wins. 안전놀이터

In the first round of the WK League Championship, which returned with confidence, head coach Kim vowed to “continue the overwhelming atmosphere shown in the ACL.” Regarding Ines and Engesha two-top as the first starters in the match against Suwon and caring for the most scorers in the team, including Jeong Seol-bin and Choi Yoo-jeong, he said, “It is a happy concern of a coach with good players,” adding, “We decided to use foreign players who showed good performance in the ACL first.”

Coach Kim humbly responded to the saying, “Uoh Woo-hyun (the winner is Hyundai Steel anyway).” “I had difficulties after losing 10 consecutive games, and there was never an easy championship game. I’ve never tried to protect it. “From the standpoint of a challenger, we are always challenging a new history,” he said. “U-Woo-hyun’s is until last year. In a way, Suwon FC Women won 13 years ago and has a history of facing each other four years ago. “I prepared for today’s game with the spirit of a challenger who is writing a new history,” he added.

He welcomed the championship match against Suwon FC Women, who are inferior in the opponent’s game with one win and two losses this season. “Our players have a winning DNA. “If we play in the championship game even in a difficult situation, everything changes in our players’ eye behavior,” he said, “We struggled against Suwon this season.” So I really wanted to meet Suwon in the championship game. That’s how you can become a true champion,” he stressed.

On this day, fans who love women’s soccer lined up in long lines at the ticket office of Suwon Stadium. Coach Kim Eun-sook, the “first-generation legend of women’s soccer,” did not forget to promise to show the best performance with Suwon FC Women for these fans. “I saw Ji So-yeon’s interview. A really good player has come to the WK League and is striving for the development of women’s soccer. However, if Hyundai Steel’s winning DNA is displayed again this time, it will be able to show a good game. I want to show Korean soccer fans that women’s soccer is playing such a great match.” Below is the full text of coach Kim Eun-sook’s pre-game press conference.

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