“Fover” Tottenham manager’s request, “Clinsman, take good care of SON, not 100% on your own.”

“Son Heungmin will take care of his body”.
Tottenham will go on an expedition to Luton Town FC in the eighth round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (PL) at Kenilworth Road in Luton, England on the 7th (Korea time).

Ahead of the match, Tottenham is ranked second in the league after Manchester City (18 points), with 17 points, with five wins, two draws and no losses in seven games. North London rivals Arsenal and the league’s unique unbeaten team, who split a 2-2 draw in six rounds.

Tottenham are showing a completely different side last season. He has scored 17 goals in seven league games, showing off his strong firepower. His appearance has completely changed from Antonio Conte’s Tottenham last season, which was considered defensive and boring.

The key to showing more firepower than Harry Kane’s departure was Son Heung-min’s conversion to the frontline striker. He is in charge of Tottenham’s front line, scoring two goals against Arsenal and one against Liverpool, including a hat-trick against Burnley. Hishalisson is coming out to the left wing, maximizing the effect of the SON top.

The problem is Son Heung-min’s physical condition. Earlier, British media reported that Son Heung-min was playing with a groin injury throughout September. Against this backdrop, Coach Enzi Postecoglou is saving Tottenham with all his might because Son Heung-min is leading Tottenham with six goals in September alone. 스포츠토토

Coach Postecoglou used Son Heung-min, who started both against Arsenal and Liverpool, to score goals, but he replaced them in the middle, showing his efforts to prevent injuries. Even under such thorough management, Son Heung-min is known to be unable to carry out team training full-time.

When asked about Son Heung-min’s transfer to the national team at a press conference ahead of the Luton Town match, Postecoglou said, “He is as important to the national team (Korea) as we (Tottenham). “I believe coach Jurgen Klinsmann will take good care of Son Heung-min,” he said.

Postecoglou said, “I’m not directing Klinsmann. I know the difficulties because I have been a coach of the national team (Australian team). I also thoroughly managed the players who would return to the club as the national team manager at the time. “I believe coach Klinsmann will do well,” he said, expressing trust.

“There is no need for extreme measures. In the first place, Son Heung-min himself is the one who can best know his physical condition. He has never missed a single game this season and is making a great contribution to the team. It’s so amazing,” he added.

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