Casino Track CMS Powering Oklahoma’s Latest Casino Resort

Table Track, Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Apache Tribe in Oklahoma to install its casino track casino management system at the Apache Lone Star Casino in Devol, a new full-service gaming site in Oklahoma.

Apache Lone Star Casino is a new gaming and entertainment destination in Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas. It boasts the best of the region in live music, amazing food, beverages, and the industry’s most popular games. 슬롯머신

Mike Spell, general manager of Apache Lone Star Casino, said, “We will deliver the region’s most innovative customer service experience. We will provide new and exciting gameplay on many types of devices as well as live table games that utilize all the best technologies available to table tracks.”

Chad Hoehne, president of Table Track Inc., said, “We are honored that the Apache tribe in Oklahoma decided to extend our long-standing partnership and expand the installation of their casino track CMS in all their casinos.” “Casino Track and the Apache Tribe in Oklahoma are longtime partners,” Hone continued. We are looking forward to what the future holds. The new facility is a beautiful, proud effort.”

The entire CasinoTrac CMS platform will be deployed to support nearly 800 game consoles, live table games, fully integrated POS & PMS systems, and state-of-the-art player engagement on game consoles & kiosk track promotional devices. Apache Longestar will also introduce a brand-integrated native mobile loyalty solution for advanced analytics and business intelligence, as well as KTMobile, DataTrac.

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