Hwang Hee-chan, the national team’s bodyguard for the rough “Sorim Football” called “Get Away From Heungmin.”

The national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, beat home team China 3-0 thanks to Son Heung-min’s multi-goal performance in the 2026 FIFA 2nd Group C qualifying round held at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China on the afternoon of the 21st. South Korea, which won two consecutive games, took the lead in the group.

In the 9th minute of the first half, Hwang Hee-chan grabbed the ball, dribbled, and passed it toward Cho Kyu-sung, who penetrated the box. Chinese defender Zhu Chen-je fell while getting tangled with goalkeeper Yan Jun-ling in the process of defending Cho Kyu-sung. Hwang Hee-chan, who did not miss this and darted at the ball, tripped on the back of Jucheonje, who had already fallen, and won a penalty kick.

The Chinese defense, sharpened by the penalty kick declaration, caused irritation with rough touches on Lee Kang-in and Kim Tae-hwan. At that moment, Hwang Hee-chan, who ran to the penalty box, cleared the situation with his relentless charisma.

After the ceremony, China’s Wu Lei approached Son Heung-min, who was heading to the half-line, and engaged in a war of nerves. Excited, Urai grabbed Son Heung-min’s arm and made unnecessary physical contact. At this time, Hwang Hee-chan, who ran from behind, pushed the thunder to protect Son Heung-min. 토토사이트

Later, when manager Yankovic expressed dissatisfaction with the referee in a situation where Kim Min-jae and Li Lei collided, Hwang Hee-chan also raised the morale by representing Kim Min-jae’s position with a gesture that he could not understand.

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