FC Seoul’s first ‘400,000 spectators’ milestone is just around the corner…There are already over 25,000 tickets for Super Match

With professional soccer FC Seoul on the verge of reaching a milestone of 400,000 spectators, the last “Super Match” of this year is also drawing keen attention.

FC Seoul will play its last super match of the season at 4:30 p.m. on November 25 at Seoul World Cup Stadium. 온라인카지노

In this regard, FC Seoul said, “As soon as the Super Match reservation window opened at 6 p.m. on the 20th, fans’ interest was hot. Less than a day has passed since the reservation was opened, but more than 25,000 spectators have completed the reservation. FC Seoul announced on the 21st that it has achieved the 400,000 spectators milestone for the first time in the history of the K League since the number of paid spectators in 2018.

There is another record that FC Seoul expects, which is about to reach the 400,000 spectator milestone. It is the most average spectator in a season of professional sports in Korea. FC Seoul has now attracted 394,022 cloud spectators in a total of 18 home games. The average attendance per game was 20,890 people, which is the first record to exceed 20,000 people since the number of paid spectators in 2018.

FC Seoul said, “If more than 22,116 cloud spectators gather in this super match, it will exceed the average attendance record of 21,01 people (2008 KBO League Lotte Giants) in a season in Korean professional sports.” This record was also exceeded only by booking,” he explained.

FC Seoul once recorded an average of 28,758 spectators in 2010, before the paid crowd count, which was implemented in 2018.

Even after the number of paid spectators, FC Seoul fans’ support was hot. This season, FC Seoul is expected to surpass 400,000 spectators in the K-League and grab the milestone of the highest average spectators in a season in Korean professional sports.

FC Seoul said, “The half-time performance of TREASURE, an ‘YG Global Boy Group’ prepared to celebrate the 400,000 spectator milestone, has also been prepared to welcome fans.”

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