“Soccer God” Messi’s World Cup uniform costs at least 12.9 billion won

Next week’s auction of six Qatari competitions

The uniform worn by Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) at the 2022 Qatar World Cup will be auctioned off. Messi led Argentina to the championship.

AP reported on the 21st Korean time that Messi’s six Qatar World Cup uniforms will find a new owner through Sotheby’s auction. 온라인경마

Sotheby’s said it expects to break the all-time high price of uniforms by selling them for more than 10 million dollars. It also includes the uniform Messi wore in the first half of the Qatar World Cup final.

The highest price ever for a uniform was worn by Michael Jordan of the U.S. in the first round of the 1998 NBA championship, which was sold for $10.1 million last year. Uniforms are, of course, the most expensive collection that athletes actually wear in sporting events.

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