He is on the verge of being kicked out by Lee Kang-in, but his popularity exploded…”Atletico, and Milan are interested.”

Spanish media ‘Pichahes’ reported on the 22nd (Korea time), “AC Milan belatedly entered the competition to recruit Fabian Lewis (27), who lost his footing in PSG.”

Lewis left Napoli last year to join PSG. PSG selected him as the core of the next-generation midfield, investing 23 million euros (about 32.9 billion won) in his recruitment.

Adaptation to the French stage seemed to be going smoothly. Lewis succeeded in settling for PSG by scoring three goals and three assists in 37 games throughout all competitions last season.

Luis Enrique’s appointment was a variable. Coach Enrique, who took the helm of PSG this season, preferred the use of Lee Kang-in and Manuel Ugarte as the main midfielders.

Lewis’s playing time was bound to be significantly reduced. There were only five starts. In the Champions League, he was humiliated by not being able to start at all.

Naturally, the future at PSG was uncertain. According to the report, PSG has decided to dispose of Lewis for 30 million euros (about 42.5 billion won) in the transfer market in January next year.

Fortunately, there are many teams that want Lewis. “Big clubs such as Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Milan are competing to recruit Luis,” Pichahes said. 토토사이트

There is a good chance that the transfer will be made. Lewis, who is still considered the future of Spanish soccer, is expected to move to a team that can secure more playing time to maintain his position in the national team.

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