Lee Soon-cheol, SBS commentator’s son, Hanwha Lee Sung-gon, announces retirement from active duty…

“I couldn’t be a better player than my father, but I should live to be a better baseball player in the future.”

Lee Sung-gon, who started his professional career with Doosan in 2014 after graduating from Gyeonggi High School and Yonsei University, played 203 games in his first-team career through Samsung and Hanwha, recording 242 homers (117 hits in 483 times at bat) with six homers, 47 RBIs, 45 runs, and three steals.

Lee Sung-gon said on his Instagram on the 21st, “I’m about to end my career now. Everyone is a player who quit once, but it feels weird to quit.”

“At the end of my 20-year career, it wasn’t flashy, but I think I remember a lot of moments that were too important for me. There were moments when I wanted to give up training that was so hard that I could die, and the moments when I overcame it and produced results, and the moments when I failed.”

“I haven’t been very successful as a baseball player compared to other great players, but I don’t think it’s a shame. Obviously, not all players can succeed as baseball players and someone has to taste the bitterness of defeat. In the process, I challenged, researched, tried, and tried to succeed. I put everything I could into it and accepted the results,” he added. 바카라

“It would be a lie if there was no regret, but I was still happy. “But I still haven’t given up on baseball,” said Lee Sung-gon, who said, “I have to deal with baseball in a different direction now, but I think it will be a fun thing, too,” hinting at the possibility of taking part in the baseball world after retiring from active duty.

Lee Seong-gon also said, “I didn’t become a ‘better baseball player than my father’ which was my dream, but I will live to become a better baseball player in the future,” adding, “I believe that my career will be an experience to become a better baseball player, but I will continue to treat baseball with all my heart and as much as I love it.” I’ve had so much fun and I’m so grateful and grateful,” he said.

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