“Humiliating Korea at Home” Shocked French Media…Henri bowed his head, too

When the French national team, which is trying to win the 2024 Paris Olympics, collapsed against South Korea on its home turf, the local community seems to be in shock.

French soccer media Foot Mercato dealt with the 0-3 defeat against Korea on the 21st (Korea time) and criticized, “The French national team led by Coach Thierry Henry was humiliated by Korea at home.”

South Korea’s under-23 national team crushed France 3-0 in a friendly match against France’s under-21 national team at Le Havre Stade Osean on the same day thanks to Jung Sang-bin’s multiple goals called “K-Mbappe” and Hong Yoon-sang’s wedge goal in the second half of extra time.

It is the first time in Korea’s history that the Korean national under-23 team is competing in the Olympics has defeated France. In the previous three games, he had only one draw and two losses.

Head coach Henri put forward Matisse Tel, who plays for Bayern Munich, a prestigious German Bundesliga, and Arnault Calimusando, who plays as a main striker for Ligue 1 Stadren in France, as front-line two-top players.

Most of the players who started in the big leagues at a young age, including Magnes Aclioche (AS Monaco), Bradley Barcola (Paris Saint-Germain), and Chimuany Ugochuku (Stadren). It greatly overwhelmed South Korea, which set up a starting lineup as a domestic player with all three overseas players on the bench, including Kim Ji-soo, Jung Sang-bin, and Hong Yoon-sang, on the basis of their name. 온라인경마

France dominated the first half with the power advantage and home fans’ support on their backs. However, the shower-like shots were blocked by South Korean goalkeeper Shin Song-hoon’s defense, and Kalimuando’s shot hit the post at the end of the first half from a free kick.

France, which lost a series of scoring opportunities, was hit by a Korean shot. Jung Sang-bin’s free kick in the 70th minute of the second half was greatly wrapped and sucked into the French goal.

France, which allowed the first goal, was shaken sharply. Nine minutes later, Jung Sang-bin was allowed an additional goal. The side was penetrated at once, and the defenders were in a hurry and missed Jung Sang-bin, who dug into the gate.

France allowed Hong Yoon-sang to score a wedge goal in the extra time of the second half, rather than a comeback goal. Again, a defensive mistake led to a run. After blocking South Korea’s shooting, he tried to handle it easily, but rather, he continued to lose the right to attack to South Korean players who stuck relentlessly.

France is taking the helm of coach Henri in August to win the 2024 Paris Olympics on its home turf. In terms of home advantage, most of the national players are the main players in their teams, so they are considered strong candidates for the championship.

France lost to the Austrian national team 0-2 in the group stage of the UEFA Under-21 Championship on the 18th. He was determined to change the atmosphere against South Korea at home, but rather, he failed to score a goal and fell to his knees by a bigger margin.

At a press conference after the game, Henri said, “There is something realistic about football. “If we create many opportunities and don’t score goals, we will give other teams a chance to punish us,” he said. “The free kick was beautiful, but the other two goals were avoided. Well done. We’re learning,” he said.

The Olympic team is set for the final Asian qualifying round and the 2024 AFC U-23 Asian Cup to be held in April next year. The competition also serves as a preliminary round for the Paris Olympics. You have to be in the top three to compete in the Olympics. After finishing in fourth place, they have to play a playoff against the African continent.

“We want to faithfully grasp our team’s strengths and weaknesses through the warm-up match and local adaptation experience against France, a strong team, and prepare for the final qualifying round and the Olympic finals,” coach Hwang Sun-hong said. “I was worried about convening overseas players, but I was not sure whether I could call overseas players in the final Asian qualifying round in April next year, so I selected domestic league players for this convocation list and minimized overseas players.”

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