The proportion of Lee Kang-in increases…PSG Emergency, ‘Core Midfielder’ at least 7 games out

French Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain, where Lee Kang-in belongs, lost its main midfielder Warren Zeiré Emery during the A-match break. As a result, the dependence on Lee Kang-in is expected to increase further.

Paris Saint-Germain issued an official statement on the 21st (Korea Standard Time), saying, “Last weekend’s medical test of Zeiré Emery revealed a ‘moderate sprain’ in his right ankle,” adding, “He will receive treatment until the end of this year.” Local media quoted the announcement as saying that Zaire Emery would not be able to play until next year.

Zeiré Emery was injured in a match against Gibraltar on the 19th for France. 카지노사이트 순위

He started the game, which was his A-match debut, and scored his A-match debut goal in the 16th minute of the first half, but in the process, he was tackled by opposing defender Ethan Santos and collapsed, and was immediately replaced by Yusuf Fofana.

Born in 2006, Zaier Emery is a former Paris Saint-Germain youth who made his Ligue 1 debut at the age of 16 last season.

This season, he has impressed the new coach Luis Enrique and is playing as a key midfielder with Manuel Ugarte and Fabian Luis. With two goals and five assists in 16 official matches and four goals and three assists in the UEFA Champions League, he has become a major player in his second year as a professional player at the age of 17. He was called up to the national team during the A-match break due to his performance in his team, and the match against Gibraltar was his A-match debut as a French team after 17 years and 255 days, the youngest third place after Julien Verbrugge (16 years and 10 months) and Maurice Gastiger (17 years, 4 months and 5 days).

Former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger told French media Le Parisien, “Zaire-Emeri reminds us of Paul Pogba’s power and also shows his ability to take away N’Golo Kante’s ball. It seems to be a mixture of the two’s strengths, he said. “He has a wide field of view and has the power to win the competition. It also shows Patrick Vieira’s past activities. He once praised the so-called box-to-box midfielder in England.

Paris Saint-Germain will have to play five Ligue 1 matches and two UEFA Champions League group matches without Zeir Emery.

As a result, the proportion of Lee Kang-in has increased. Lee Kang-in has also established himself as a major player in the team since the Hangzhou Asian Games and last month’s A-match break. Above all, he plays not only the right side striker but also the central midfielder and is being appointed by Enrique. Coach Enrique said, “Lee Kang-in is a player that we can use in various positions,” adding, “It can be used not only as a midfielder but also as a ‘fake No. 9’ from the inside.” “I can also play as a wing,” he said, noting his ability as a multiplayer.

Coach Didier Domi, who played for Paris Saint-Germain as a player, analyzed why Paris Saint-Germain lost to Newcastle United in the Champions League, arguing that “Lee Kang-in should be used as a midfielder.”

Domi said, “It is true that a midfielder who is outstanding can overcome the pressure. They have the qualities that the players have when they are under pressure in the zone, whether it is one-on-one. In Paris, the only player who has that quality is Vitinha, and the rest are not very good. Jair Emery and Manuel Ugarte have an advantage in recovery. Zaire Emery is also good at breaking through. However, there is a limit to them at the moment. The way to resist pressure against the opponent is an area to improve. Newcastle United and AC Milan used the same tactics. This is because I knew that it would be difficult to reverse if I put a lot of pressure on the midfield. Paris Saint-Germain is a team created to dominate and control midfielders,” he said.

“Lee Kang-in is not afraid to catch the ball,” he said. He is a very experienced player who is not afraid to turn around even if there is someone behind him. He has the ability to turn around under pressure. Not once out of ten, but often. Because that’s the quality he has. Therefore, it can be useful in midfield,” he said.

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