“Hishalisson decides to transfer to Saudi Arabia because he didn’t get a chance at Tottenham” Brazilian media…Al Hilal’s great interest

Hishalisson (Tottenham), who is behind in his skills, dreams of a new challenge. Of course, it is because they do not think about their skills and are not given the opportunity.

Brazil’s UOL said on the 24th (Korea Standard Time), “Hichalisson has no special attachment to Tottenham, which has not been given many opportunities,” adding, “Hichalisson is considering a new recruitment proposal that is being given to him. We have a plan to take on new challenges,” he reported.

“Hishalisson doesn’t think his position at Tottenham will improve. Al Hilal of the Saudi Arabian League is seeking to recruit Hishalisson, he said.

Hishalisson is Tottenham’s sore finger. After joining Tottenham, he had a lot of difficulties with his performance that did not meet expectations. 토토사이트

Hishalisson joined Tottenham for the 2022-2023 season. It was highly anticipated.

At Everton, Hishalisson played a big part. He played 38 games in the 2018-2019 season, scoring 14 goals and 2 assists. In the 2019-2020 season, he played 41 games and scored 15 goals-4 assists.

In addition, it has consistently produced double-digit goals with 13 goals-3 assists in 40 games in the 2020-2021 season and 11 goals-5 assists in 33 games in the 2021-2022 season.

Last season, Hishalisson scored three goals and four assists in 35 games. This season, he played in 11 games, scoring two goals and helping three. To make matters worse, he lost the position of front-line one-top striker to Son Heung-min with his poor performance. And moved to the side.

In the end, Brennan Johnson is getting a chance instead of Hishalisson. In the end, rumors of a transfer are bound to emerge.

“There was an injury to the groin earlier this year,” Hishalisson said. Eventually, I ended up having surgery,” he said himself. be in a state of dereliction of duty. He hid his injury and went running.

Of course, some clubs want a sluggish Hishalisson. It’s Saudi Arabia.

“Hishalisson and Jadon Sancho (Manchester United) are attracting Saudi Arabia’s attention,” the Telegraph reported.

“Tottenham striker Hishalisson was belatedly the subject of interest after Al-Tihad failed to bring Mohamed Salah in at the deadline of the Saudi Arabian professional league transfer market. When the offer to Salah was rejected, he considered Hishalisson as an alternative.

Of course, Saudi Arabia’s transfer proposal for Hishalisson is likely to continue.

The Telegraph said, “Saudi clubs are finalizing funding for the next transfer window. It is already preparing to attack the Premier League (PL) in the new year. It is almost impossible to bring in their long-term targets Son Heung-min and Salah in the middle of the season, so Jadon Sancho and Hishalisson are emerging as top targets for Saudi Arabian clubs in January, the report said.

However, Football Insider said, “Hishalisson is known as the top target of the Saudi professional league despite his recent sluggish performance at Tottenham. Tottenham doesn’t seem ready to break up with Hishalisson in the January transfer market, he said.

While failing to show his skills, Tottenham did not give up their expectations for Hishalisson. For now, he is expected to play again.

The problem is Hishalisson’s idea. It is possible that Hishalisson wants to transfer to change the atmosphere. In this case, Tottenham should sign a new striker in January.

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