Kim Soo-hyun is also famous for being a “national couple.”

His boyfriend is Pi Jae-yoon (22), a member of the karate national team. Pi Jae-yoon also competed in the Asian Games but failed to win a medal. Kim Soo-hyun said, “I met Jaeyoon through the introduction of Park Hee-joon, a member of the karate national team, and we have been dating since August last year. Jaeyoon is attending college in Gumi, so she has a “long-distance relationship,” and it’s okay because we talk on the phone every day, he said. “I’m 6 years older, but my boyfriend is so reliable that I rely on him.” “When I go on a date, I take pictures, go to the sauna, and eat a lot of meat,” he boasted. “Although I couldn’t win the prize together in Hangzhou, three years later at the Nagoya Asian Games,” he said
I really hope to win a medal with him,” he said.

Kim Soo-hyun is the “Rose Kids.” Kim Soo-hyun entered weightlifting when she saw Jang Mi-ran (39, current Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism) win the women’s heaviest weight class at the Beijing Olympics with a total of 326kg, a new world record at the time, lifting 140kg in impressions and 186kg in clean water. Although he entered the school late, he grew rapidly and met “Uphold Jang Mi-ran” while wearing the Taegeuk mark in his second year of high school. Kim Soo-hyun even bragged about her colleagues whenever she had time. “We have three Asian Games national team members in our team. Among them, Son Young-hee and Son Young-hee (silver medal in 87kg or more) won a medal. “Although the water leaks from the ceiling when it rains, and I exercise in a difficult environment with old equipment, the coach and all the team members are working really hard,” he said. 토토사이트

“Like Jang Mi-ran, I dream of being on the podium at the Paris Olympics next year,” Kim Soo-hyun said. Until then, he held his hands tightly, saying, “Remove all the hard work in the world, forget the sadness. Never cry.”

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