Son Heung-min, who ran first in the EPL I just did as usual…

Tottenham won a valuable victory despite a numerical inferiority of 11-10 due to Yves Bissouma’s exit in the extra time of the first half. Mickey van der Penn, who received James Medicine’s pass in the seventh minute of the second half, scored the first winning goal. Tottenham rose to the top of the league with six wins, two draws and 20 points.

Tottenham remained atop in the league thanks to Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Manchester City on the 9th. Arsenal, who won the game, recorded six wins and two draws like Tottenham, but they were second behind the goal difference. Man City dropped to third place.

Tottenham captain Son Heung-min had a winning interview after the game on the 7th. Son Heung-min had an interview with TNT Sports because it was a pleasant victory in the match. However, fans were moved by Son Heung-min’s actions after the interview. The Sun said on the 9th, “Fans found the Tottenham star’s respectful gesture in an interview and praised Son Heung-min with dignity.”

What was the “respectful interview gesture” reported by The Sun. It’s a very familiar behavior to Koreans, but it seems to have been really unfamiliar to English Premier League fans. After the interview, Son Heung-min politely put the microphone on the table. Perhaps the other players just threw it on the table, and Son Heung-min just put the microphone on the table as he usually does, and compliments continued.

According to a report by The Sun, Son Heung-min was seen “quietly” putting his microphone on the table after Tottenham beat Luton Town 1-0. Fans who saw this said on social media that Son Heung-min could not fully enjoy the moment he stood side by side with hosts Rio Ferdinand, Peter Crouch and host Lindsey Hipgrave.

After the interview, Son Heung-min placed the microphone on the table slowly and carefully so that it would not be damaged. I’m expressing this. 경마사이트

Fans posted on social media, “Son Heung-min shows that he is a gentle man,” and “It was really nice to see Son Heung-min have respect.” Apart from the competition, I like Son Heung-min. “It’s so cool and calm,” he said in a compliment relay.

Ferdinand, who saw this, agreed. “Son Heung-min on the show is a really great person,” he praised.

Meanwhile, Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou is said to have asked them to “enjoy the game” in their final game before the A-match break this week. Tottenham are the main players in the early season. They won strong games at home against Manchester United and Liverpool, and continued their unbeaten run with Arsenal in a draw.

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