Arizona Charlie Wins Over $2.5 Million Jackpot In November 2023

Arizona Charlie Boulder at 4575 Boulder Wheels and Arizona Charlie Decatur at 740 S. Decatur Blvd. awarded lucky guests a total of $2,756,377 in jackpots in November, including $2,440,438 in slot jackpots and $315,939 in bingo wins. 파칭코

One lucky local has a lot to be thankful for this November after playing video poker in Charlie Decatur, Arizona, bringing in a total of $140,659 in jackpots for a month.

Maria hit a total of $28,201 jackpots in Boulder Location’s MoneyLink game. Another lucky player hit a total of $24,217 jackpots in Decatur Location’s ProsperityLink game.

Additional highlights of the month include two local guests who won the November jackpot on the last day of November, including a player who won $20,000 in video poker on Nov. 28, and another lucky player who last-minute bingo jackpot of $63,239 at the Boulder location on Nov. 29.

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