95-0, what the hell happened in women’s basketball in high school…

It is an unrealistic score from an American high school girls’ basketball game.

According to USA Today’s report on the 25th (local time), the Dutch Folk High School girls’ basketball team in South Carolina won a huge victory over Lamar High School the day before.

Candace Bush, the winning Dutch Folk High School women’s basketball team coach, said the margin could have been bigger.

“I know the scoreboard looks bad,” he said in an interview with the media. “It’s not our players’ fault.”

Before the game, Bush found out that Lamar High School was a small school. Therefore, he asked the organizers of the She Got Next Tournament to arrange Dutch forks elsewhere in the match schedule. However, Bush did not receive any word from the organizers of the tournament, and the game was played as scheduled.

Bush said Lamar players only threw five to six shots throughout the game, and several times Lamar players just handed the ball over to our team players.

He added, “If I had known in advance that such a situation would happen, I would have sent out candidates from start to finish.”

According to Bush, he changed defense to regional defense from the second quarter. He aimed to increase scores by reducing the frequency of attacks. However, Lamar High School players pressured his team’s players, and Dutch Fork Silver Fox continued to try and succeed, increasing the number of scoreboard. 스포츠토토

With 2 minutes and 30 seconds left before the game ended, the score was 95-0. Players wanted to score more than 100. However, Bush instructed players to just spin the ball in the top area (near the 3-point shooting line in front of the goalpost).

After the score of the game was made public on social media, a debate arose locally over the balance of sportsmanship and competition in high school sports.

Some argued that such a disproportionate score creates an ethical dilemma and that the competitive environment needs to be reevaluated.

On the other hand, the debate continues, questioning whether it is right to come up with new rules to prevent such overwhelming victories and ensure more balanced and decent competition.

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