Lee Kang-in is still fighting for the starting line at PSG…Klinsmann announces spectacular showcase for Tunisia-Vietnam match

Jurgen Klinsmann, the coach of the national soccer team, stressed that he would help Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) grow. 스포츠토토

Coach Klinsmann held a press meeting at the Paju National Football Team Training Center on the 9th ahead of the October A match call. He liked small-scale conversations, so he organized a delegation by media sector and was broadcast online.

In a press conference created by wanting an in-depth interview rather than a press conference on the day of the list announcement, Klinsmann praised and congratulated Hwang Sun-hong’s under-24 national soccer team coach for winning three consecutive gold medals at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

“I’ve heard before that I was the runner-up at the U-20 World Cup. I also saw the national teams under 22 (U-22) and under 24 (U-24). I’ve been observing and talking. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of players in the A national team how to do it. I’ve been in office for six months and have called up the national team four times. I watched the players as a whole. I saw how he plays in Korea, Europe and other countries,” he said, adding that the inspection for the Asian Cup in January next year is continuing.

The gold medal for the U-24 national team has eased the burden on players who want to advance to Europe. As a military service exemption, you can only receive basic military training at a time when you want it.

“The players had military service issues. No one explained it when I first came. I learned how important it is and I am really happy. When I saw the players, they were under a lot of stress because of it. Winning the Asian Games will ease your worries. It will motivate us to win the Asian Cup,” he predicted.

Lee Kang-in and Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) were selected by Klinsmann during the tournament. Lee Kang-in was unable to accompany him on an away trip to England in September due to injury. Shortly after the match against Wales, Klinsmann responded, “It’s a pity that Lee Kang-in couldn’t join.”

How about this time. Lee Kang-in played from the match against Bahrain at the Asian Games and could not exceed more than 65 minutes. It was because I wasn’t in perfect condition.

Klinsmann said: “I know Lee Kang-in is thirsty for playing time. I will use it actively this time. I also talked to PSG coach Luis Enrique,” he said, signaling that he would be selected.

Klinsmann, who said the PSG transfer itself is a happy thing for fans, said, “I’m glad that a player representing Korea plays for PSG,” but added, “However, Lee Kang-in’s situation is not a starter in every game.” He is fighting for the main title. It’s just the beginning. PSG is a club that is one level above Valencia,” he said, adding that he had to take a strong challenge.

On the other hand, Lee Kang-in is young and wants more playing time and is getting stronger. We want to help Lee Kang-in grow. I want to give him as much playing time as possible this time. I want to give him a big growth opportunity,” he said, reiterating that he will have a longer playing time compared to the Asian Games.

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