The crowd was amazed by the ‘best dig of the season’…and it wasn’t a commercial.

KEPCO won a shutout 3-0 (25-22 25-21 25-22) set win against Samsung Fire in the 2023-2024 Dodram V League at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on Monday.

With their seventh straight victory, 바카라사이트 KEPCO added three points to their record and moved from fifth to third place with an 8-6 record and 24 points.

KEPCO was led by Taisuga and Lim Sung-jin with 13 points apiece, and Shin Young-seok and Seo Jae-duk with 11 points each. Seo set the tone for the team with a perfect dig in the first set.

In the first set, when KEPCO led 6-5, Samsung Fire’s Yosubani hit a strong spike after a tiebreaker. KEPCO’s Ryohei received the serve, but the ball flew to the right court corner. 

Seo Jae-duk, who was on the right side, raced toward the ball. He made a diving catch, but his dig went right into KEPCO’s court, and Lim Sung-jin safely handed the ball over to Samsung Fire.

The fans in the stands cheered and applauded Seo’s amazing dig. The ball was passed to the Samsung Fire side, and once again, Im Sung-jin scored on a back-attack attack to tie the game. 

The Samsung Fire players cheered, and KEPCO applauded Seo’s brilliant dig.

After the win, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min praised Seo Jae-duk, saying, “The MVP in my mind during the winning streak is Seo Jae-duk.”

Meanwhile, KEPCO, which has won seven in a row, will attempt to extend its winning streak to eight games against Korean Air, which has lost three straight, in Suwon on March 13.

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