Hyundai E&C stronger through mutual support, seeks seventh straight win against Pepper Savings Bank

After surviving a crisis, Hyundai E&C looks to extend its winning streak to seven games against Pepper Savings Bank.

Hyundai E&C’s momentum is not slowing down anytime soon. In their last game, they defeated Korea Expressway Corporation, 현금홀덤사이트 extending their winning streak to six games. Although Yang Hyo-jin had a lower than usual attacking efficiency of 14.29%, the wings were the driving force behind the victory.

Leticia Moma Basoko (née Moma) led the way with 19 points and Jeong Ji-yoon added 14 points. Wipawi Sithong, who returned to the team after suffering a father’s death, also contributed 10 points with a 46.15 percent receiving efficiency.

Prior to the start of the season, Hyundai E&C’s prospects in the first through third rounds were not very bright. However, Kim Joo-hyang, Wipawi, and Go Goo-ji did their part to bide their time until Joo-hyang returned, and when he suffered an ankle injury, the returning Joo-hyang stepped up to the plate.

When Wipawi was out due to a father’s illness, Kim Joo-hyang returned to the court despite not being at full strength to fill in the gaps, and now Go Yerim’s return is slowly approaching. Hyundai E&C has become a strong team by overcoming the difficulties as a team.

Pepper Savings Bank, on the other hand, lost their seventh straight game after falling to Jeonggwanjang in their previous match. Park’s receiving risks remained the same, as did the ups and downs of Chae Sun-ah, who had to cover the back three spots in place of Park. Park’s passing still needed to be refined, even though she had earned the starting spot. To make matters worse, Park complained of shoulder pain during the match and was unable to play from the middle of the second set.

However, there are definitely improvements in the details. Ha Hye-jin has been distributing in the center lately, and the two-libero system of Oh Ji-young and Kim Hae-bin showed promise in the last match. But now it’s time to prove it with results. As it stands, the team will finish 2023 with a record not much different from the previous two seasons. It’s a tough opponent, but a win is a must.

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