If the FA negotiation table is set up, the starting point will be more than the amount four years ago

Jeon Joon-woo (37, Lotte Giants) earned his first FA qualification after the 2019 season. He batted .300 with 20 home runs. It was a sufficiently attractive skill, but the FA market was strangely depressed at the time. After suffering from labor pains with the club, he signed a four-year total of 3.4 billion won. It is a contract with a down payment of 1.2 billion won, a total annual salary of 2 billion won, and a total incentive of 200 million won. Even at the time of the announcement of the contract, the word “low price contract” was even mentioned. Jeon Joon-woo himself had no choice but to leave a regret, but he filled the next four years.

In the first year of FA, he hit 26 home runs, and in 2021, he had a batting average of .348, a “career high.” Participation in the entire 144 games was also carried out. Jeon Joon-woo, who hit a .300 batting average-double-digit home run last year, also has a .2913 batting average and 56 RBIs this season. His batting average is about 1% lower than four years ago, but his on-base percentage has rather increased. Home runs, RBIs, and hits in the team are ranked second (105) after An Chi-hong (108).

Since August, Jeon Jun-woo has been cheering up once again. His batting average reached .381 in 24 games since August. The match against Doosan in Busan on the 4th showed Jeon Joon-woo’s true value. He hit three hits at bat. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

There was also a good defense. At the top of the second inning, Heo Kyung-min jumped up and caught a large ball toward the left field at the last minute. Jeon Joon-woo said after the game, “It was a well-hit ball. My body hardened for a moment, but I followed it to the end and fortunately I was able to catch it well. “I will continue to play a necessary role in defense according to the team’s situation,” he said.

Jeon Joon-woo said, “Recently, it has been leading well in terms of hitting.” “In the first half, there were a lot of well-hit balls, but in the second half, they are coming up on record because they followed a lot of luck,” he said adding, “I will try to focus on the team without giving up the rest of the season.” A new system is inevitable for Lotte in the 2024 season. At the end of August, manager Larry Sutton resigned and senior coach Lee Jong-wook will lead the team as an acting coach for the rest of the season.

Moreover, Lotte has recently given many opportunities to young players, lowering the overall age group of the team. There are many stories about the next coach, but in order to prepare for a new system, a veteran is needed to take center stage. When he was in the police baseball team, he was nicknamed “Big Boss” by coach Yoo Seung-an for his extraordinary leadership. Lotte also led the team as a captain. This is why “Lotte Jeon Joon-woo” will be valuable next year.

Chae Eun-sung (33), who signed a six-year contract with the Hanwha Eagles for a total of 9 billion won ahead of this season, signed a six-year contract with Hanwha for a total of 9 billion won after hitting 12 home runs at 296 just before his FA contract. Kim Hyun-soo (35), who made his name as a “hitting machine,” signed a total of 11.5 billion won in 4+2 years after hitting 23 home runs at .286. Jeon Joon-woo’s record this season is comparable to their performance just before the FA. Jeon Joon-woo is healthy, and Lotte needs Jeon Joon-woo.

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