ACL Storage FC-The cause of Buriram’s group scuffle?…Chinese media release testimony of “insulting remarks”

Testimony has been made that the recent “scuffle” in the Asian Champions League (ACL) game was caused by insulting remarks.

After the first round of the ACL H Group 1 match between Zhejiang FC (China) and Buriram United (Thailand) at the Huzhou Olympic Sports Center in China on the 29th of last month, a rare scramble took place.

After the match ended with Zhejiang’s 3-2 victory, players from both teams got tangled up and fought. It was a rare clash between players in recent years, such as kicking, stepping on, and hanging headlocks. The match was so fierce that there were eight yellow cards, but it eventually exploded at the end of the match. 토토사이트

Against this backdrop, Chinese media claimed that Buriram was responsible for the riot. A player from Zhejiang Province testified that Buriram’s No. 5 player (defender Tiraton Boon-Mattan) insulted a Chinese person by making harsh remarks. That’s why I couldn’t stand it.”

The Chinese Football Association issued a statement on the incident, saying, “We strongly oppose all forms of violence in the field. We will cooperate with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to investigate the dispute in accordance with the regulations.”

The AFC will impose heavy disciplinary action on both teams in connection with the incident, and is reportedly considering playing the two teams in a neutral zone in the future.

Earlier, Thailand had a scuffle even after the match against Indonesia in the 32nd men’s soccer final of SEA on May 16. At the time, seven Indonesian players and seven Thai players were suspended for six games and fined $1,000.

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