It’s 200 million won a week, but he played in 0 games… “He’s likely to terminate his contract with Tottenham.”

British media “The Boot Room” cited a report by Dean Jones of British media “Give Me Sports” on the 1st (Korea time) and mentioned Lloris’ transfer rumors.

The media reported, “Tottenham can terminate the contract with Lloris.”

According to Jones, Lloris and Tottenham could end their contracts and break up with each other. However, it is said that time may be needed to sort out the amount of money.

“Lloris is on his way to the moment he terminates his contract. I don’t know how easy this process will be,” Jones said. 메이저 토토사이트

“Cancellation is a difficult thing to see often in soccer. The reason is the financial problem and the complexity of it,” he added.

Lloris left Lyon to join Tottenham Hotspur in the 2012-13 season, where he played a key role for 11 seasons. He displayed stable defense as a strong one-option goalie every season. He has also displayed outstanding performance and leadership while serving as the team’s captain.

However, as time went by, it began to shake. There were many cases where the sense of stability was low and judgment was insufficient. In the last 2022-23 season, he gave a score by mistake when he didn’t have to lose a point.

This season’s new manager, Enzi Postecoglou, wanted a new goalkeeper, rather than trusting Lloris. Tottenham acquired Guglielmo Vicario from Serie A.

Vicario was right. Vicario is defending the Tottenham goal through outstanding defense capability. Naturally, Lloris came to be on the bench. Lloris, who earns 120,000 pounds per week, was excluded from the rotation as he failed to play a single game this season.

Legends of playing for the club for more than 10 years have been forgotten in Tottenham. Therefore, Lloris wants to move to a new team and continue his career.

He wants to leave Tottenham during the January transfer window. However, transfer fees are incurred because the contract is not over. It is burdensome to bring in a veteran who has only a few career left even by paying a transfer fee. Therefore, Lloris wants to move his team after his contract is terminated and he is released as a free agent.

What choice will Tottenham make? “The Boot Room” predicted that terminating the contract would be the best option for all parties.

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