Merson holds the chip lead in the final table of the WSOP main event

Greg Merson, Jesse Sylvia and Jake Balciger are the last three players to participate in the World Series poker main event, and they will play Tuesday for $8.53 million.

Sylvia knocked out Russell Thomas with four players remaining more than seven hours into Monday evening’s game at the Penn & Teller Theater at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino. Thomas finished fourth, receiving $2,851,537.

Merson, who started the final table play Monday with 28.725 million chips, finished the day with 88.35 million chips. Sylvia’s chip holdings, which started the day with 43.875 million chips, are 62.75 million. And Balciger ended the day with 46.875 million chips. He started the final table action with 13.11 million chips.

If Balciger wins, he will be the youngest player to win the main event. Joe Kada won the WSOP main event in 2009 at 21 years and 356 days old. If Balciger wins on Tuesday, he will be 21 years old and 281 days old. 온라인경마

The main event champion will win $8,531,853. The second place winner will win about $5,295,149. And the third place winner will win $3,799,073.

Merson joined the fight as No. 1 by pushing Michael Esposito to seventh place in the main event.

First, Merson received 10 high scores to beat two pairs of Esposito. The hand saw Esposito’s chips fall from 15.12 million to 9.625 million, while Merson’s chips fall from 21.1615 million to 27.7 million.

Merson then delivered a knockout hit. After starting his bet with $1 million, Esposito went all-in for about $10.8 million. Merson, who had around 33 million chips at the time, immediately called Ac-K. Esposito assumed As-Jh, but the 4s-9s-7d-6s-8c board failed to help him, and he was eliminated from the tournament in seventh place. Esposito won $1,258,040 in seventh place.

And Merson had 45.5 million and went climbing. And his next scalp was Andras Koroknai.

Early in the night, Sylvia forced Koroknai to fold her better hand with five bets (Koroknai gave Sylvia’s Q-J an A-4). Koroknai began to confront aggressive plays by lifting and dropping as the night wore on. But he did one move too many times, resulting in Merson breaking 85 million chip barriers.

Koroknai’s explosion began harmlessly. Merson raised it from a button to a million. Sylvia, the small blind, raised it back to 2.6 million, and Koroknai raised it from the big blind to 5.3 million. Merson then raised it to 9.2 million, and Sylvia folded. Koroknai answered Merson’s rise by pushing around 40 million won in all. Merson, who started his hand at around 42 million, quickly called and showed him the As-Ks. Koroknai showed Kh-Qd. The 2c-3s-8h 7s-7h board gave Merson 85.6 million chips and sent him the Koroknai packaging.

“I thought Burton (Merson) and the little blind (Silvia) were betting lights,” Koroknai said after being eliminated. “And in the range of the hands they play, I thought I had a lot of blocking,” Koroknai added through a Hungarian translator. “I definitely regret the decision.”

Koroknai took sixth place, earning $1,640,902.

Sylvia needed good luck against Robert Salaburu, to hold the top spot early on.

Salaburu started the day with 15.155 million chips. He activated about 20 million stacks when he called for Balciger’s all-in bet, making 22.8 million ports. Unfortunately for Salaburu, his pocket queens didn’t break Balciger’s pocket kings, and he left 9.925 million chips.

Salavuru had fallen below $8 million before finding a place to become a ship. More than 46 million Sylvia had everything pre-flopted with a Qc-5c. Salavuru called with seven pockets. With the board that said Ad-As-4c-2d, Salavuru almost came home. But the queen hit a river and knocked Salavuru out of the tournament. Salavuru finished in eighth place, receiving $971,360.

Sylvia also eliminated Jeremy Ausmus from the tournament. Ausmus started his final table action with a short stack of 9.8 million. However, he continued to hone and eventually topped 20 million.

But Osmus’s chips started to disappear again. And when he tried to double through Sylvia, which had about 16.7 million chips left, he was only short.

On a board that read 3s-8s-9c-3d, Ausmus pushed all of them in and Sylvia called. Ausmus showed 10s-7d for the endless straight draw. Sylvia showed Ac-9h for nine pairs. The five on the river did nothing for Ausmus, leaving Sylvia with 63.5 million chips.

Osmus finished fifth, earning $2,155,313, and seemed satisfied with his performance.

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