The ‘Outlaw of the Court’ is back

‘Outlaw on the court’ Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) is back.

“Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green plans to return to action against the Memphis Grizzlies on Martin Luther King Jr. Day,” ESPN, CBS Sports, and other local media outlets reported on Jan. 15 (ET).

An inside source told ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, a top NBA expert, of the news.

Golden State did not list Green on its injury report for the Memphis game.

Green has been suspended indefinitely since Dec. 14 of last year. He missed 12 games. He returned to team practices on Dec. 8. Golden State went 8-8 during Green’s absence.

Green was a key part of Golden State’s golden era in the 2010s. Along with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Andre Iguodala, he formed one of the most potent frontcourts in league history.

He was rated as one of the league’s best defenders, and he shined on defense, 안전놀이터 hustle, and rebounding, areas that Golden State often neglected. He was the epitome of tenacity.

However, he was also notorious for being an outlaw on the court.

Despite several roughing-the-passer ejections, the NBA’s office did not penalize Green, the centerpiece of Golden State’s worldwide phenomenon alongside Curry.

His behavior has only gotten worse. He’s crossed the line perfectly this season.

A direct ejection for intentionally shoving Cleveland ace Donovan Mitchell in November. It was a sign. Performed a “WWE choke” on Minnesota’s Rudy Gobert. He was suspended for five games, but told local media that he had “no regrets. At the time, Klay Thompson and Zach McDaniels clashed, with McDaniels defending his teammate Thompson. But it wasn’t enough.

Shortly after his suspension ended, he punched Phoenix center Yusuf Nurkic in the head again. The NBA’s patience had run out, and Golden State and head coach Steve Kerr, who had been defending Green’s actions, turned their backs on him.

He was suspended indefinitely.

According to ESPN, “Green spent a week lifting weights and participating in team drills to improve his conditioning.

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