Hwang Ui-jo, is it a hero’s fall or honor recovery

Hwang Ui-jo’s side said, “I believe in his innocence,” regarding allegations of infidelity with his sister-in-law. In addition, the women are continuously claiming that the video filmed is “consensual,” saying that they are playing the media due to indiscriminate raising of suspicions.

However, public opinion has worsened due to illegal filming, and civic groups and lawmakers have also called for the removal of the national team. Eventually, on November 28, the Korea Football Association decided to exclude the selection of the national team until the conclusion of the Hwang Ui-jo scandal is reached. 토토사이트

If it goes to trial in a situation where accusations and investigations are intertwined, it will naturally take a considerable amount of time to reach a conclusion. Therefore, it is predicted that it will be difficult to play for the national team at the Asian Cup scheduled for January next year.

What will happen if Hwang Ui-jo is found guilty of illegal filming? In April, a rapper, a boatman, was arrested in court for one year in prison for illegal filming of his lover, and there is a precedent that a one-year sentence has been maintained at the appeals court. Of course, the situation and degree may be different, but as there is a precedent of a celebrity, if Hwang Ui-jo is found to be illegal filming, the problem is serious.

Under the rules of the Korea Football Association, a person who is sentenced to imprisonment or higher cannot be a member of a national team for five years. Even if the sentence is suspended, the person cannot be a member of a national team for two years. Of course, if the person is truly punished, not only the national team but also the player’s career itself will become a problem.

In the end, if illegal filming is recognized and punished, Hwang Ui-jo is likely to lose all of his fame as a “football hero” and have difficulty in his future career. On the other hand, if he is found to be an unfair victim, Hwang Ui-jo will not only remain a victim of a rare scandal, but also the national team, which is challenging to win the Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years, will also remain a “bul-sa competition” held by excluding key strikers through scandals.

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