Men’s pro basketball’s No. 2 fight is a three-month ‘one-sided match’

“Shoot, shoot, shoot!”

The race for second place in professional basketball’s “Big Three” is fierce. Second place goes directly to the quarterfinal playoffs with first place. 스포츠토토 The third and fourth place finishers play in the six-team playoffs.

As of Day 1, the leader is the Wonju Division (DB∙28 wins and 9 losses). They have a four-game lead over second place. The second spot will change hands after the night’s play. After day one, Changwon LG (LG, 24W13L) moved into sole possession of second place. They defeated Goyang Sono 80-77 in a close game. The Suwon KT (KT, 23 wins, 13 losses) moved from fourth to third place. They defeated Daegu KOGAS 98-87 earlier in the day. The Seoul SK (SK, 23-13), who did not play, dropped from first to third place. The three teams are still separated by 0.5 games. Fifth-place Busan KCC (KCC-19-15) is also in good shape. They are just three games out of third place.

The race for second place between the three telecom companies has been going on for more than two months since November 26 last year. At first, Katie was slightly ahead, but on December 12, Elgee moved into second place. Eskay held on to second place for nearly a month, from December 29 to January 26, but Katie regained the top spot on January 27, and Elgie was the runner-up again in the one-day match. For more than two months, the three teams were separated by 2.5 games by a wide margin.

Professional basketball has 54 games (6 rounds) per team. With the exception of the Celtics, no team has gone beyond four rounds. We’re two-thirds of the way through the regular season. At this rate, the battle for second place won’t be decided until the end of the season.

With the three teams in such a tight race for the top spot, the head-to-head record between the teams is also important: if the teams have the same season record, they will win or lose. Elsie and Katie, and Eskay and Elsie, have identical 2-2 records. Eskay has a 3-1 lead over Katie. If the teams are tied in wins and losses, the goal difference is taken into account. This is why the fifth and sixth rounds between the three telecommunications companies will be fierce. On March 3, Escape and Katie will go head-to-head, followed by Escape and Elgee on March 15, and Katie and Elgee on March 3.

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