Kotaro Seimiya joined the organization in 2019 as a developmental player

Kotaro Seimiya, 24, a right-handed pitcher for the Rakuten Eagles of Nippon Professional Baseball, joined the organization in 2019 as a developmental player. Despite throwing a 160-kilometer-per-hour fastball, he never saw the light of day.

In his first year, he struggled with his delivery and didn’t even make it to the second team. That fall, he joined the Miyazaki Phoenix League (an educational league) and pitched two games. In 2020, he made his first appearance in the second team, pitching 8⅔ innings in four games in the Eastern League (second division), with no losses, an ERA of “0”, and 12 strikeouts.

His professional life hasn’t been smooth. In 2021, he missed the entire season due to elbow surgery. He was released as a free agent twice and signed a developmental contract.

He returned from injury in June 2022. Last year, 스포츠토토 he made 22 saves in the Eastern League, topping the league in that category.

In 48 games for the second team, he had a record of 2-2-2, 22 saves, and a 4.01 ERA. That’s what Seimiya, number 135, had in five years.

He is not an official player and has no first team record.

His annual salary this year is 5 million yen (about $44 million).

Seimiya made three appearances in an exhibition game against the Hanshin Tigers at Ginoza Stadium in Okinawa on Sunday. He pitched one inning, striking out three.

His pitches stood out. He threw 13 fastballs. All 13 were over 155 kilometers per hour. His fastball touched 159 mph.

He struck out No. 8 Seiya Kinami on a six-pitch swinging strike. His three-pitch delivery to Kinami was low and on the body and touched 159 mph. He then retired No. 9 Yohan Mieses on a fly ball to right field and got No. 1 Koji Chikamoto to ground out to first base.

Rakuten’s developmental players dominated the Hanshin lineup that won the Japan Series last year. Japanese media reported that Hanshin fans in the stands went wild. It was a comeback that surprised both players and fans alike.

“The good hitters kept coming, so I utilized my strengths and threw with all my might,” said Seimiya.

Seimiya, who stands at 1.90 meters tall, has increased his weight from 85 kilograms to 104 kilograms. His fastball was 145 kilometers when he joined the team, and last year he threw up to 161 kilometers.

Seimiya’s goal is to become a full-time player and become Rakuten’s closer. Until last year, Yuki Matsui, a former World Baseball Classic (WBC) representative, was Rakuten’s closer. Matsui, who won the Pacific League save title two years in a row, 온라인카지노사이트 was traded to the San Diego Padres last winter.

If Seimiya continues to pitch like Hanshin on the 17th, he’ll be a full-time player.

Meanwhile, Hanshin won the game 4-3.

Rakuten, which finished fourth for the second straight year, replaced its fastball coach at the end of last season. Kazuhisa Ishii stepped down as manager and hitting coach Toshiaki Imae took over.

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