Facing a big league pitcher for the first time

San Francisco Giants’ Jung-Hoo Lee throws his first live at-bat.

The San Francisco Giants’ spring training site in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, was in full swing on Tuesday (June 20), with the pitching and catching staffs joining the camp.

Lee, who had been taking batting practice in the batting cage but hadn’t seen a big league pitcher throw a ball in person, got his first taste of live pitching, where pitchers throw with full force.

Lee was placed in Group 1 with Michael Conforto and Luis Matos in live batting. The first pitcher he faced was a towering 6-foot-11. He was Sean Yelich, the tallest pitcher in Major League Baseball history.

After watching his fastball, 안전놀이터 Lee picked out one changeup and one fastball. He took the fourth pitch with all his might, but his bat cracked and the ball sailed toward second base.

Lee then faced the second pitcher, Nick Avila. The first pitch was a strike, and the second and third pitches were balls. Lee took the fourth pitch, and the ball sailed over the left-field fence.

You can watch the video of Lee’s first live at-bat in the big leagues here.

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