A Tottenham’s success is thanks to a quick counterattack

It is Son Heung-min who is leading the counterattack. Seaman also seemed to recognize this. When the host asked Seaman which team is stronger against counterattack, Seaman said, “I will wear (Ahnall) cap again,” before smiling, “Liverpool is better at counterattack. It is because it has a stronger forward firepower.” 슬롯머신

However, he said, “Son Heung-min is an incredible player,” adding, “He runs very fast and has excellent ability to control the ball.” However, while Son Heung-min is the biggest mainstay of Tottenham’s counterattack, Liverpool also has a quasi-jok Darwin Núñez, natural finisher Mohamed Salah, and a compliant winger named Luis Díaz, who will assist the two players. That’s why Liverpool is a little better than Tottenham in terms of counterattacks.

“Nuñez is also a fast runner, but she is slightly inferior to Son in control,” Simon said. “However, Liverpool has strong support players including Salah and Diaz. Tottenham is only Son Heung-min and Brennan Johnson.”

“The team’s options are narrow because there is currently no James Maddison (in Tottenham),” Seaman said, adding, “If Johnson’s control is a little better, the whole team’s attack will be sufficiently developed.”

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