Coach Lee Jong-beom also trained in ML. Is the whole “Family of Winds” going to the U.S.?

Kiwoom Heroes’ Lee Jung-hoo and LG Twins’ Ko Woo-seok were posted to 30 major league teams on the same day. The KBO said, “We have been informed by the MLB Secretariat on the morning of the 5th that we have announced our intention to post Lee Jung-hoo (Kium) and Ko Woo-seok (LG) to 30 MLB clubs as of 12.4 (U.S. Eastern Time).”

Accordingly, MLB clubs interested in recruiting the two players under the Korea-U.S. player contract agreement can start negotiations with Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-seok from 8 a.m. on the 5th (U.S. Eastern Time), and the contract deadline is 5 p.m. on January 3 next year (U.S. Eastern Time).

Since Lee Jung-hoo is a central hitter for the national team and Ko Woo-suk is the finalist of the national team, baseball fans are bound to be interested in their destination and contract amount. In particular, as Ko Woo-seok became a member of the family as he married Lee Jung-hoo’s sister and coach Lee Jong-beom’s daughter, the simultaneous posting of the two attracted more attention. 온라인경마

However, their posting moves are clearly different. Lee Jung-hoo prepared early and is seeking a big contract as he made headlines in the U.S., while Ko Woo-suk had a short period of time to inform the U.S. as it progressed recently.

Lee Jung-hoo was talked about posting after this season since last year, and since this year’s Arizona spring camp, major league scouts have come to see Lee Jung-hoo. Lee Jung-hoo is truly a genius baseball player who has taken the elite course. He joined the Heroes as the first candidate in 2017 and immediately played as a top hitter in the first division. Before Lee Jung-hoo, there was a strong perception that high school graduate hitters needed to improve their skills and physical strength, but Lee Jung-hoo blew away such prejudice. Lee Jung-hoo, who has been a top hitter throughout the season, has played in 884 games and recorded a batting average of 340,000 (1181 hits in 3,476 at-bats) with 65 home runs and 515 RBIs. The batting average is the highest among batters who have played more than 3,000 at-bats. This year, he finished the season early due to an ankle injury, and this was the lowest season batting average.

Competition for Lee Jung-hoo is already fierce in the Major League. The U.S. media reports on Lee Jung-hoo every day. The New York Post also said, “Twenty teams are showing interest.” Famous teams such as the New York Yankees, New York Mets, San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants are known to be showing interest in Lee Jung-hoo.

Lee Jung-hoo’s agent in the U.S. is Scott Boras, who made a big contract. Park Chan-ho and Choo Shin-soo are also familiar to Korean fans as they signed a mega-hit contract.

It can be said that Ko Woo-suk is less interested in posting than Lee Jung-hoo. This is because Lee Jung-hoo has been promoting posting from a long time ago, while Ko Woo-seok has suddenly progressed. During salary negotiations, Ko said he would ask the club to post if he wins, and after actually winning, he officially asked the club to post. After much consideration, the club put a limit on the amount of the contract and allowed it. He expressed his intention not to send it at a bargain price because it is the closing of the national team to finish the team’s starting lineup.

It has been reported that he also decided on a U.S. agent during the season. The U.S. agent has proactively approached him, and he has decided to pursue it with a domestic agent. Ko became the save king with 42 saves last year and posted an outstanding 1.48 ERA, but this season he only posted 15 saves and an ERA of 3.68 due to the aftermath of his injury. He recorded 19 wins, 26 losses, 139 saves and an ERA of 3.18 during seven seasons.

Through posting, Ko expressed his intention that he would not unconditionally advance to the Major League. “Honestly, I am curious about how he feels about me,” he said. “I can either go through posting or try to become an FA next year even if I can’t. I think it’s best to just go with the flow.”

Currently, the St. Louis Cardinals, which need to reinforce their bullpen, are showing interest in Ko Woo-suk. There is an opinion that the Seattle Mariners also need a bullpen like Ko Woo-suk, but the temperature of interest is not yet hot compared to Lee Jung-hoo.

Coach Lee Jong-beom is also planning to leave LG for training in the U.S. Will all of his family be in the U.S. next season? What will happen to Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-suk for 30 days.

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