Ryu showed his solid performance after returning to the mound

Ryu played in four games as a minor league rehabilitation pitcher with two wins and an unbeaten ERA of 2.00, and displayed impressive performance even after returning to the Major League. Ryu suffered a loss in his first appearance as a pitcher, but in five appearances in August, he pitched in three wins, one loss and an ERA of 2.25.

Good trends continued into September. Ryu allowed two runs in five innings at Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, the most sluggish performance throughout his career, and made a quality start (less than three earned runs in six innings) against the Texas Rangers, who lifted this year’s World Series trophy. Unfortunately, he was substituted early in three consecutive games while finishing the season.

After returning to the mound, Ryu has proved that he is still capable of dealing with big league hitters along with his “health” by recording three wins, three losses and an ERA of 3.46 in 11 games. Although he has not commented on his next destination, he still hopes to stay in the Major League. As a result, news of Ryu’s contract is likely to be heard soon, provided it is not an absurd contract. 파워볼실시간

However, considering that Maeda and Gibson, who have careers and ages similar to those of Ryu Hyun-jin, both have contracts worth 12 million dollars per year, a large-scale contract can be difficult as they did when they signed a four-year, 80 million-dollar contract with Toronto. However, one to two-year contracts worth more than 10 million dollars per year are expected to be possible.

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