Son Heung-min returns as a winger, Nottingham also plays left

Ahead of the match, Tottenham paid some attention to what position Son Heung-min will be in. Son Heung-min was worried about whether he would start or not ahead of the match against Newcastle, but he was listed as a starter without any major problems. However, Son Heung-min started as a long-running left winger, not as a front-line striker.

The prediction that Son’s position will change has emerged ahead of the match against Newcastle. England’s Football London revealed its predicted lineup against Newcastle, saying, “Hishalisson will start and Pape Sarr will join.” “I didn’t think Tottenham would do well against West Ham,” Football London reporter Lee Wilmot said. “Pape Sarr will start now that he has returned from injury, and Roselso will be in front of them. Son Heung-min played well against Manchester City, but the current situation does not seem to be good for Son. I think he will play on the left instead of Brennan Johnson and Hishalisson will play one-top,” he said, predicting that Son will not be one-top. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

As Wilmot expected, Son Heung-min played as a winger against Newcastle and led his team to victory again with his explosive dribbling and passing skills. He played with one goal and two assists. After all, Postecoglou’s choice in the match against Nottingham was Son Heung-min’s choice as a left winger. He chose to place Son on the left side, who could release the team from the side, and put Hishalisson in the center.

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