Lee Hyun-seok, the hidden contributor to KT’s semifinals

Suwon KT confirmed its advance to the semifinals playoffs by sweeping all of the third and fourth games of the semifinal playoffs with Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, which faced one win and one loss. 메이저 토토사이트

It was a game in which Paris Bath and Hur Hoon, who boast one-level skills, stood out. Bath and Hur Hoon combined for 199 points and 20 three-point shots in this series. This amounts to 58.2 percent (119/342) and 64.5 percent (20/31) of the team’s scoring and three-point shots.

Just scoring well doesn’t mean you can win. Moon Sung-gon and Moon Jung-hyun showed their presence in defense. KT manager Song Young-jin said after winning Game 4, “Definitely Bath and Huh Hoon led well offensively,” adding, “Moon Sung-gon and Moon Jung-hyun showed so good defense in this series that such a good result came out.”

One player that cannot be left out here is Lee Hyun-suk, the most senior among domestic players. Lee Hyun-suk played at 20:17 of the day and recorded three points, four rebounds and two assists. He is not outstanding in the record.

However, KT took the victory by opening with Lee Hyun-suk’s three-point shot midway through the third quarter with a 58-54 lead, spreading by 68-58 and 10 points. Lee Hyun-suk jumped in and grabbed the rebound to energize the team, and strengthened his defense from out of sight.

After winning the third game, Heo Hoon said, “Moon Sung-gon was in a bad mood after the first half, but I think he played a big role as a leader. Lee Hyun-suk also kept talking to me in the middle of the game,” adding, “I was out of my mind after the first half, but after hearing what they said, I was able to gather my mind and focus on the game. Thank you, and I have to learn that part, too.”

Lee Hyun-suk’s presence on and off the court cannot be ignored. Coach Song Young-jin praised Lee Hyun-seok, saying, “Today (11th), Lee Hyun-seok also hit a rebound or a big shot so that he could have more energy,” and added, “I think his teammates are more united in defending and rebounding.”

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