“Old love? Forget it!” What should be watched outside the KCC-DB semifinals?PO’s first teacher-student match, KCC challenging the record for the first time

This is a series of high-profile match series. This is what the Korean men’s professional basketball team is talking about over the playoff of the semifinals between Wonju DB and Busan KCC. The two teams will compete for best-of-five starting on Saturday. KCC had already made headlines at the semifinal PO with SK in Seoul. While confirming its advance to the semifinals, it surprised its fans by posting an average of 21.7 points difference, an unprecedented landslide victory. Although the DB has saved enough physical strength to advance directly to the semifinals in the regular season league, it is a bit nervous about KCC’s performance that has completely changed in the semifinal series. As KCC’ opponent team in the semifinal was SK, it hoped the game would continue until the fourth and fifth rounds, but KCC easily won the game, earning time to rest for six days. For the DB, the “merit” of the top team has been halved.

With the semifinal match between KCC and DB, interesting off-the-shelf stories have also been enriched. Most of all, an important subject of interest is an awkward meeting between KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin (61) and DB coach Kim Joo-sung (45). The two were teachers and students who had the “golden era” of the DB club’s history (including former TG Sambo). When Jeon won the 2002-2003 season championship as acting coach, Kim was a top-rated rookie. When Jeon experienced six post-seasons during his seven seasons at DB, he was always by his side as the best native center.

As Kim made his official debut as a manager this season, this is the first time that a four-and-a-half competition will take place on the PO stage. Since leaving the DB in the 2008-2009 season, Jeon has played a total of eight POs (four times each for the semifinals and the semifinals) and only one against his former team was in the 2010-2011 season when he was leading KT. It is the first return match in 13 years since the team lost to the DB led by then-coach Kang Dong-hee with one win and three losses.

In the regular league, Kim’s DB was overwhelmingly dominant with five wins and one loss. As evidenced by the team’s advance to the semifinals against SK, KCC is predicting that the team will be “completely different from the regular league” with the power of the “Super Team” that transformed itself into a team of terror. In this segment, the competition between the “strongest of the six-tier series” and “wire-to-wire championship” is also worth seeing. In the semifinals, KCC overwhelmed SK with its formidable firepower, with an average success rate of 42.7 percent, and defense capability that ties SK to an average of 70.6 points.

DB is also a formidable powerhouse, which would be disappointing if it comes second in this field. DB ranks first in the success rate of three-point shots (37.5 percent) and offense (89.87 points on average) in the regular season league, and ranks third overall in defense with 82.24 goals on average. Notably, in the six regular season showdowns with KCC, DB’s average score was 95 points and the average score of 11.33 three-point shots (41.46 percent on average), far exceeding the overall average for the entire season. KCC says it is meaningless to face off in the regular league without the “super team” as a whole. The world’s wire-to-wire winners are determined not to easily back down if their performance has changed as proven in the semifinal series. 토토사이트 순위

On top of that, KCC will also try to set another record. Instead of proving 100 percent of the chance that the winning team in the first and second games will advance to the semifinals, KCC defeated SK with 0 percent of the chance to pass the PO face-to-face (five previous PO face-to-face confrontations). Attention is now focusing on whether the team will set a record that has never been seen in the 27-year history of the Korean Basketball League. In the past 52 semi-finals, there has never been a case where the fifth and sixth place finishers advance to the championship match. If KCC, which was ranking fifth in the regular season, passes the semifinal match against DB, another “zero chance” will disappear. On the contrary, DB will do its best to secure the high probability that 92.3 percent (24 out of 26) of the best teams have made it to the championship in the previous semifinal match. A source in the basketball community said, “Jeon is an adventurer with a lot of PO experience, and Kim is experiencing PO for the first time. Regardless of whether he is a teacher or student, it will be worth watching a short-term skirmish.”

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