You have to apologize when you meet… There’s no starter. He said ‘1 medicine’, but he won three games in “Shock Reversal Savior.”

Kiwoom Heroes’ momentum is alarming. They won the match against SSG Landers on Wednesday and managed to avoid a three-game sweep, but what’s the momentum?

Before that, Pajuk won seven consecutive games. There was a high possibility that there would be a aftermath of consecutive wins, which immediately produced a reversal victory after two consecutive losses. Compared to the Hanwha Eagles, who lost five consecutive games after seven consecutive wins, it is a noble class.

I don’t know if Kiwoom was classified as a strong team before the season, but most people mentioned it as the lowest-ranked candidate. Anyone can tell that Kiwoom is inferior in objective power. Even manager Hong Won-ki said, “I admit it. However, there is no place to go down further, so let’s do it without fear.” Still, despite the pain of losing four consecutive games, it is rapidly emerging as a dark horse in the rankings.

In fact, there was a reason why Kiwoom actually became a candidate for the first medicine. Even so, the batting lineup seemed too weak on the mound. Right now, there were no clear starting personnel other than two foreign pitchers. There were no players who could fill the gaps between Ahn Woo-jin and Choi Won-tae. The bullpen, which is filled with rookies’ entry, is also a bullpen, but many experts predicted that Kiwoom would have its worst season, saying, “How can we survive a long season without a proper native starter?”

Ha Young-min and Kim Sun-ki, who have never started a proper season since their professional debut, were the third and fourth starters. Rookie Cho Young-gun, who was selected as the fifth starter, was eliminated due to injury prior to the season’s opening. It was unreasonable to expect that Kiwoom’s native starters will perform in stable condition.

But what happened? It was a big twist. It was Ha Young-min who pulled Kiwoom out of the crisis of sweep loss in the match against SSG. He allowed two runs in five innings. He became the winning pitcher. Oketi allowed Jihoon Choi a two-run shot, but he fought vigorously and well against SSG hitters who gained momentum.

Manager Hong Won-ki’s persistence was outstanding as well. SSG had been chasing after him 2-3 points in the fifth inning. Ha already pitched more than 100 times. It was a crisis with two outs and a runner on third base. To win, he could have changed pitchers in a cool-headed manner. However, he showed “infinite trust” in Ha Young-min, who was playing his role as a starting pitcher in a difficult situation, and in the end, Ha was able to earn the honor of victory by finishing the inning without additional loss.

It is his third win in a row. He has won all of them three times in a row. It was Ha Young-min who broke the opening four-game losing streak in his first game against the LG Twins. He won his first start in 3,111 days as an individual player. His second game against the Hanwha Eagles was against Ryu Hyun-jin. Every win is worth a fortune.

Of course, he pitched only five innings in all three games. He allowed four runs in the match against Hanwha. But what more can he say now that the player who said he would lose has already given him three important wins? It is not an exaggeration to say that he has completed his annual salary of 80 million won. Ha Young-min will not be able to continue to win in the future, but if he continues to pitch as a starting pitcher as he is now, Kiwoom is highly likely to be out of the “one weak” candidate list. Kim Sun-ki is also doing well with one win and one loss in three games. 온라인카지노

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