‘Amazing SON’ Top 4 in the world! Ransoms higher than superstar Neymar…He’s in his 30s, but he’s in the same class

Sportscore 90 introduced the world’s top five players in terms of pay by age on Thursday (Korea Standard Time). In the category of players over 30 years old, Korean striker Son Heung-min was also listed. Son’s ransom amounted to 50 million euros. This is a whopping amount that is equivalent to the world’s top four. He is the only player among Tottenham and Asian players to be included.

No. 1 was Harry Kane (aged 31, Bayern Munich) who played for the English national team. Kane, who also played for Tottenham with Son, was the highest paid player at 110 million euros. Mohamed Salah (32), a Liverpool striker who became the top scorer in the Premier League along with Son during the 2021-2022 season, was second with 65 million euros (93.5 billion won). 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Third place went to Kevin DeBriner (33), the ace player of Manchester City. He raked in 60 million euros. He is considered one of the best midfielders in the world. His biggest strength is his accurate passing and ability to play games.

Even Son was paid higher than Brazilian superstar Neymar (Al-Hilal). Neymar was paid 45 million euros (64.5 billion won) to the Saudi Arabian League last summer. Son maintained a higher ransom. This shows Son’s unwavering class.

A former top scorer in the EPL, Son has been leading the team as well, serving as Tottenham’s captain this season. He also showed off his explosive capabilities in the field. This season, Son scored 12 goals in the league, tying for third in the scoring category in the league. He is on par with English striker Dominic Solanke of Bournemouth. He is also closely following top scorer Erling Holland, a monster striker, and Liverpool ace Salah. Holland and Salah have 14 goals each.

Spurs thus ranked fifth in the league with 12 wins, three draws and five losses, and 40 points. It became a surprise favorite this season. The gap is not wide with Liverpool, which has 45 points, which is ranking first in the league. There were mid-season difficulties, but the team managed to overcome them well. Son played a significant role. Notably, he scored four goals and made four assists in seven previous league matches. At the match against Bournemouth in the 20th round of the league, which took place on the first day of the new year, he also scored a cool left-footed goal to lead his team to a 3-1 victory. According to the European soccer statistics website Huscoordcom, Son has 7.40 points in the season, the second highest in his team. Even when it comes to Premier League strikers, Son has the highest rating after Holland (7.53).

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