“Evolution Even at 32.” SON Turns Out To Set Most Individual Goals In 2023…National University + Tottenham 27 goals

Son Heung-min led his team to a 3-1 victory by scoring an additional goal in the second half in the 20th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Bournemouth at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on December 31 last year (Korea time).

Last year, he scored his 27th goal in 2023 in his last match. Son has 21 goals for Tottenham and six for the national team in 2023. This is the highest number of goals he has scored in a calendar year since his professional debut. 파워볼실시간

The previous record for most goals was 26 in 2017. Having scored 21 goals in 2021 and 25 in 2022, Son has been scoring more and more goals year by year. This is proof that Son’s form as a “goal scorer” does not decline even with age.

Son scored 12 goals in 20 league games this season, tying for second in the scoring position. His scoring pace is comparable to that of the 2021-2022 season when he was the top scorer on average with 0.6 goals per game. If Son scores at the current pace in the second half of the year, he will score 22 to 23 goals. Son scored 23 goals in the last season.

Since the opening of the season in August, Son has scored 12 goals through Dec. 31, before the end of the new year, surpassing his previous best of 11 goals in the 2020-2021 season. It is the first time in his career that he has scored so many goals in the first half of the season.

He has also scored six goals in eight matches for the Korean national team. This is the highest number of goals scored by an individual A-match player since 2015, when he scored nine goals in 12 matches. Son, who only scored one A-match goal in 2016, has three goals in 2019, four goals in 2021, five goals in 2022, and six goals in 2023, increasing his productivity in A-match scoring.

Son was ranked third overall with 41 goals in A matches. He has narrowed the gap with Hwang Sun-hong, the coach of the Olympic team who scored 50 goals. He is expected to narrow the gap this year when the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers will take place. After the match against Bournemouth, Son will leave Tottenham briefly. He will join the national team preparing for the Asian Cup in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, and help them win the Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years.

Son said, “I am sorry to leave my team at such an important moment. I think I need to come back after paying that much value. As much as my club sends me (to the Asian Cup), I will take responsibility and do my best to bring joy to my fans.”

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