Tottenham push for a surprise recruitment!… “Berner’s six-month lease is imminent”

“Werner is on the verge of joining Tottenham,” said Florian Flettenberg of Germany’s Sky Sports on Wednesday (Korea time). Tottenham plans to sign a six-month loan. Leipzig and Tottenham are in final negotiations. They are trying to clarify various provisions, including options for purchase. Werner was preparing to leave Leipzig’s training camp for the break.

Tottenham needs strikers. Son Heung-min was drafted at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup and was absent for some time, as well as Ivan Perisic, Manor Solomon, and Alejo Bellis suffering from injury. It is better for a player who can play multiple positions. Tottenham, which plans to recruit a center back, also plans to reinforce its strikers. 카지노사이트 순위

Werner was named as the target. Werner was a bomber during his time in Leipzig. In his first season in Leipzig, he scored 21 goals in 31 matches in the German Bundesliga. The pattern of penetrating the line at an instantaneous speed and finishing the game was unknowingly strong. Werner, who has since grown to become the best striker in the Bundesliga with 13 goals and 16 goals, peaked with his insane scoring capacity of 28 goals in 34 matches in the 2019-20 season.

He moved to Chelsea but failed. He moved a lot and scored attack points, but he made many big chance misses and was criticized for his poor scoring ability. He also helped his team win the UEFA Champions League, but his view on Werner was still not good. Chelsea decided to let Werner go after failing to show any change.

Werner chose to return to Leipzig. Werner seemed to be spreading his wings to revive after scoring nine goals in 27 Bundesliga matches and five goals in five German Football Association matches, but his performance was still far short of that of his heyday. As Royce Offenda came along, he was pushed back and his playing time was greatly reduced. With Benjamin Seschko, Werner had difficulty in playing. Werner, who wants to play at Euro 2024 in Germany this year, was dealt a hard blow.

Werner, who pushed for a transfer, is attracting Tottenham’s attention. Werner usually plays at the front line but can also be used on the left side. It may be attractive for Tottenham, where the striker is in a hurry, but since he has already failed at Chelsea and has almost been kicked out of Leipzig, it is questionable whether he can actually help.

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