SON’s older brother appeared in the local media, saying, “Heung-min played in the Champions final, but…”I lost”

ESPN released a capture photo of Son Heung-min and his brother Son Heung-yoon talking on its official SNS channel on the 8th (local time). As part of the tvN documentary “Sonsational,” which aired in 2019, it showed Son Heung-yoon throwing a “fact attack” on his younger brother who had just returned from the European Champions League final.

During the summer, Son Heung-min visited Son Woong-jung’s soccer academy in Chuncheon and reunited with Son Heung-yoon, who serves as an academy coach. The filming team asked each other how they were doing and asked a new topic to the brothers who exchanged conversations, saying, “Son Heung-min recently played in the Champions League final.”

Son responded with a smile, saying, “I lost. What?” This is a joke that only “real brothers” can play. Tottenham faced a setback in reaching the final of the Champions for the first time in its history during the 2018-2019 season, losing to Liverpool. “We are this cold-hearted,” Son said with a bright smile as if he had brushed off his pain.

ESPN reported that Son’s brother has no qualifications. “When I was young, my brother and I fought over something trivial. My father was angry and brought me two balls and told me to do lifting training. I did lifting without dropping the ball for four hours, but it looked like three real balls. After that, I decided not to fight, but how long would that last?” Son said in the documentary. 안전한 파워볼사이트

Son Heung-yoon told an anecdote, “I looked a lot like my father. I got scolded more because I had a snowball fight with my father, but Heung-min pretended to be sick before he got hit like a fox and lied down and scolded less when his father tried to hit him.”

“I taught my son so harshly that I could hear his stepfather,” Son Woong-jung said. In a recent interview, some say, “A stupidity lies in a child’s heart.” Jews still punish their children by their fathers. There are times when corporal punishment is necessary. A child should be given a punishment that is not allowed. And on that matter, we must not compromise until the end,” Son said.

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