Tottenham is crazy!… Werner’s second recruitment is in the final stage, Serie A special talent born in 02

Currently, Tottenham has completed the process of signing Timo Werner. “Tottenham has booked a medical test for Werner while waiting to be completed after signing his loan agreement,” said Fabrizio Romano, a reporter familiar with the European soccer transfer market. “Werner will start training as a new Tottenham player next week.”

Werner is expected to become Tottenham’s new player unless he fails a medical test or is really unexpected. Now, Tottenham is focusing on recruiting the center back, which has been their most important goal in the transfer window this winter.

Tottenham is focusing on bringing in Radu Dragucine, the Genoa center-back who has already completed his personal agreement. Romano said, “Tottenham has held new positive contacts with Genoa to recruit Dragucine. The deal is moving towards the final stage of negotiations. Tottenham hopes to complete the deal next week as talks continue.”

Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou urged the club to recruit a center back in the transfer market this winter. As soon as even one of Christian Romero and Mickey van der Pen was missing, the team’s defense was shaken and when the performance fell, he decided that additional center backs were needed.

Dragucine is considered the right person to address Postecoglou’s concerns. Born in 2002, Dragucine is a young player and has shown high potential in Serie A. He is already recognized for his skills and is a center back who boasts a wide range of defense and stable defense.

There was a crisis as Napoli tried to hijack during the negotiations between Tottenham and Genoa, but Tottenham seemed to have the upper hand. Dragushin also reportedly wants to go to Tottenham, not to Naples. 파친코

Tottenham’s winter transfer market task will be completed if Dragucine is completed following Werner. There is no sign at the moment, although additional midfielder recruitment may occur depending on Pierre-Emile Hoibier’s future.

Tottenham is showing different moves from the past. Originally, Tottenham often negotiated until the last minute of the transfer window to bring in players in order to bring in transfer fees at a fraction of the price. Son Heung-min is a case in point of this situation.

However, he is making efforts to pay 100% of Werner’s weekly salary this winter and expedite negotiations to recruit a center back. Clubs are also making efforts to give Postecoglou strength.

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