Coach Kim Hak-beom, who kept the ‘Promise to Climb the Top of Hallasan Mountain’ in just one day, ‘leadership by example’ is like this

Jeju boasts Korea’s oldest 最 tradition, which was established on Dec. 17, 1982, as the Forbidden City. However, the Jeju team is not satisfied with the oldest 最 in Korea. It always reflects on its goal to become the best in the K-League 1. This is why Jeju’s players climb to the top of Hallasan Mountain, the highest peak in Korea, every year ahead of the opening of the season, and shout, “Jeju is the strongest.”

Coach Kim Hak-beom, who recently took the helm of Jeju, was also well aware of Jeju’s traditions. In response, Kim tried to climb Mount Halla with all the Jeju members, including the U18 team and the team’s secretariat. However, conditions were not favorable. Since 2020, Jeju Island has been implementing a “visit reservation system” that limits the maximum number of visitors per day to protect Hallasan Mountain. 파칭코

It was impossible for a large number of players to move. Kim Hak-beom expressed his regret at his inaugural press conference on Wednesday. When reporters asked about climbing the summit of Mt. Halla, a tradition in Jeju, Kim Hak-beom said, “I want to go with not only the Jeju team but also the U18 team and the team staff. However, Mt. Halla does not allow me to go there. If there is an opportunity, everyone wants to go there, but I think it will be possible only if the provincial government helps me. I will go up to the country and come back.”

And Kim Hak-beom, an activist coach, kept his promise to reporters just one day. After finishing his reservation for Mt. Halla on Thursday, he climbed the mountain with his best friend, goalie coach Cha Sang-kwang, without hesitation. It was not an easy journey, but he reached the top of Mt. Halla (Baekrokdam, 1,950 meters above sea level) thanks to passionate about melting snow country politics and strong support from hikers. Only then did Kim smile, saying, “I think I will be able to show good performance this season with the spirit of Mt. Halla.”

Climbing the summit of Mt. Halla was also a promise made with the players. Coach Kim Hak-beom heralded strong physical training. In his inaugural opportunity, Kim said, “It is a soccer match that lasts for more than 100 minutes. It requires strong physical strength. Everyone talks about pressure, but it is difficult if you are not prepared. I will play soccer that requires one foot, one meter and two meters more than others, and I will play soccer that annoys others.”

However, Kim Hak-beom did not want his players to follow him, even though he was the oldest coach in the K-League. He always tried to take a step first. There was a great desire to build a solid one-team with the leadership of leading by example. This was another reason why Kim Hak-beom went on a difficult hike.

“It’s hard when you climb a mountain, but it’s easy when you come down. The same applies to soccer. It’s hard to strengthen your physical stamina, but after that, you can easily play soccer at a better level. If I run first, my players will run with me. This is the biggest reason I climbed to the top of Hallasan Mountain,” Kim Hak-beom said.

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