I’m here for Tottenham after shaking off Dragushin’s ‘double annual salary’…Reading the countdown to joining the team

Romanian defender Radu Dragucine, who Tottenham is about to recruit, has chosen Tottenham despite the fact that he is double his annual salary. It means that Tottenham and Anji Postecoglou have agreed with the project starting this season, so Dragucine’s future moves are drawing attention. Dragucine left his current team, Genoa, Italy, on the 10th and has completed a physical examination at the Tottenham club.

European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano reported on his SNS on the 10th (Korea Standard Time) that “Dragushin will go to Tottenham. A new transfer fee offer of 30 million euros (about 43.3 billion won) was submitted and an agreement was reached.” The scene where Dragushin left the airport in Genoa, Italy, and arrived in London was also revealed.

Initially, Tottenham offered 25 million euros (about 36.1 billion won), but after several negotiations with Genoa, they wanted 30 million euros. Tottenham eventually accepted the recent increase in Dragucine ransom, and Genoa became visible to Tottenham after giving the player a choice. 토토사이트

After a tug-of-war over the transfer fee, Tottenham met Genoa’s requirements and confirmed Dragucine’s trip to Tottenham. There was also surprising news. Dragucine was likely to move to Tottenham, but last season’s Italian winner Napoli and German winner Bayern Munich stepped in and the destination was in limbo.

In particular, Munich offered Tottenham twice as much money as it offered 4.3 billion. Aladdice Gold of Football London confirmed this. Nevertheless, Tottenham, who had long pointed his finger at him and sent him a love call, was the choice. Tottenham succeeded in persuading Dragushin by using their sincerity and future as their weapons, even though the trophy for the championship was not changed.

One of Tottenham’s biggest concerns was its center back. Up until the beginning of the season, Christian Romero, who was in charge of Tottenham’s defense, and newly recruited Mickey Van der Pen showed good teamwork, so they had no worries. However, problems arose after Van der Pen suddenly suffered a long-term injury in a match against Chelsea.

The lack of reliable center back resources dealt a hard blow. Coach Ange Postecoglou made various attempts, including placing Ben Davies as center back and using Eric Dier, who can also play as center back, but it was not easy to fill Van der Pen’s vacancy. Van der Pen was a player with fast speed, stable build-up capability, and strong defense capability, but Tottenham’s remaining defensive resources were comparable to those of Van der Pen.

Postecoglou said he wanted to recruit a center back in the game ahead of Christmas, expressing his willingness to recruit a new one through an interview, saying he hopes the new recruitment will be a Christmas gift for Tottenham. Before and after Postecoglou’s remarks, Tottenham was connected to a number of center backs even before the transfer market opened.

In the meantime, French defender Jean Clare-Todivo was considered Tottenham’s No. 1 reinforcement, but Dragucine emerged rapidly as his team, France Nice, objected.

The Romanian center back Dragushin is a player who has been mentioned as a candidate for Tottenham center back as the winter transfer market approaches. He made his professional debut through youth at Juventus and spent time on loan at Sampdoria and Salertina, gaining experience. He helped his team win promotion by playing for Genoa, which was a Serie B club last season. Genoa, which was satisfied with Dragushin’s performance, activated its full transfer option and became a Genoa player during the season.

And he made his Serie A debut as an official player, not a loan player, and as he played only half a season and was active, not only Serie A clubs but also Tottenham and other overseas clubs looking for a center back showed interest in Dragushin.

“No one wants to leave. Anything can happen in the transfer market,” said Alberto Zillardino, former Italian striker who did not rule out the possibility of Dragucine leaving. Tottenham ended up embracing it.

Dragucin had previously reached a personal agreement with Tottenham. He was waiting for his current team, Genoa, to conclude negotiations with Tottenham. Bayern Munich joined the Dragucin campaign to hijack Dragucin when his transfer had not yet been completed, but Dragucin remained determined to move to Tottenham.

In addition to Munich, Kim Min-jae’s former team Napoli also wanted Dragucine. Napoli, which has been exposed to anxiety in defense this season since Kim Min-jae left for Munich, is also continuing to push for defensive reinforcement through the winter transfer market. Napoli was unable to match the amount that Genoa wanted, but instead, they lured Genoa with two players on the transfer fee.

“Napoli is also interested in Dragucine, but he does not intend to meet the transfer fee that Genoa is asking for,” Football Italy quoted a report by the Italian edition of “Sky Sports.” Napoli has offered 20 million euros (28.8 billion dollars) and Leo Oestigor to Genoa.

However, Dragucine’s choice was Tottenham. Romano said, “Dragucine wanted Tottenham and despite Munich’s offer, agreed to a personal agreement with Tottenham. The Dragucine case is over now,” explaining that Dragucine rejected Munich’s offer and chose to move to Tottenham.

According to “Opta,” Dragushin has had the most passes in Genoa this season. Media outlets explained that this record means that Genoa actively utilizes Dragushin when it launches attacks.

Basically, he has the ability to build up. This fits perfectly with the style of Ange Postecoglou’s tactics, which he wants to start the ball from the back when attacking. Shortly after taking charge of Tottenham last summer, Postecoglou recruited Mickey Van der Pen, who has good ball handling capabilities. Van der Pen is also a type of center back with excellent build-up capabilities.

In addition, Dragushin had the second-highest number of clearings (87 times) in the Italian Serie A league this season, and the most among defenders (59 times) in the successful competition for aerial ball games. He also allowed his opponent to dribble through the air only once.

Dragushin has not only the ability to build up but also the basic defense ability. Dragushin is also known to have quite a fast speed compared to his tall height. Overall, Van der Pen, who joined Tottenham through the summer transfer market, is a rising player.

Gianluca DiMarzio, a transfer market expert, said Tottenham decided to pay troubled defender Jed Spence in addition to the transfer fee as a condition of signing Dragucine.

The media said, “Tottenham and Genoa were originally expected to conclude yesterday, but Munich’s offer shook everything up. However, Dragushin made the decision after thinking about it all night. Genoa will receive full-back Spence on loan. The contract has officially been signed.”

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