Deokbae’s “Shocking Confession,” “Only 2 times did Mourinho talk to me, I didn’t exist.”

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), a “superstar” who is called the world’s best midfielder, enjoyed the prestigious competition at Manchester City and achieved the title of “treble” last season. He is the world’s best player with no doubt. However, even the best players did not always walk on flowery paths. Perhaps the “worst period” of his career was when he was at Chelsea in the English Premier League.

The Bruyne moved from Genk in Belgium to Chelsea in the EPL in 2012. He entered the European big league. Then, he wore the uniform of Chelsea, a leading EPL powerhouse. However, The Bruyne has yet to adapt to Chelsea. To be more precise, he has failed to adapt to Jose Mourinho. 바카라

At the time, Chelsea was headed by Mourinho, a world-renowned master. He was Chelsea’s absolute leader. Such manager Mourinho completely ignored Der Bruyne. He did not give credibility to him. Being shunned by Mourinho, The Bruyne had to move to Werder Bremen and other loan players and had to leave Chelsea in 2014. Chelsea played in only three league matches, nine in total.

After failing at Chelsea, The Bruyne moved to Volcksburg in Germany in 2014 and gained popularity there. After becoming the best player in the Bundesliga, The Bruyne moved to Manchester City and became the world’s best player. The Bruyne recalled his saddest memory of the time at Chelsea. Through “The Players” Tribune, The Bruyne confessed his pain at Chelsea.

“When I was at Chelsea, the media reported a lot about Mourinho’s relationship with me. But the truth is different. Mourinho only spoke to me twice. I felt like I didn’t exist at Chelsea,” he confessed.

“I was looking forward to it after coming back from loan, but I was on the bench. I never got another chance. I didn’t hear an explanation from Mourinho. I don’t know for some reason, but it wasn’t favorable to me,” he said.

“There are things that many fans don’t know. A player who is not popular in a club looks almost the same during training. He doesn’t get attention on the training ground. It’s like I don’t exist in a club.”

Still, he did not blame Mourinho. He admitted he was at fault. He was young and inexperienced. It was a time when he couldn’t find a better way. “As an EPL player, I was naive about how I treated the game, how I treated myself,” The Bruyne recalled.

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