Indonesian famous media “I can see why Kim Yeon-kyung is a legend”

Kim Yeon-kyung (36), a 20-year-old women’s professional volleyball player, is drawing attention from Southeast Asia for her performance at the Incheon Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders in the V-League. 스포츠토토

“While watching the Korean women’s volleyball where Megawati anti-Stri Pertiwi (25), I can’t help but notice how Kim Yeon-koung hits the opponent with a fatal blow. It is understandable why she is called a legend,” Indonesia’s “Bolasport” reported.

“Bolasport” is a sports medium that is so influential that three related domains sweep the top 3 in the Internet telecommunications volume in sports and other sectors. The women’s team of the V League became the subject of interest in Indonesia when Megawati Hangestri Pertiwi joined Red Sparks, Daejeon’s chief of staff, this season.

Kill is a volleyball term that refers to offense that directly leads to scoring goals. Kim Yeon-koung stood tall as the world’s best female star by winning the MVP and top scorer at the 2011-12 European Champions League and the 30th London Olympics.

“I don’t think I have spirit, but I still have steady skills. As impressive as her name value, she is also in the spotlight,” he said in a positive response to Kim Yeon-koung’s performance.

“I have to admire how I can do as well as I have done so far, rather than being as bad as before (compared to the heyday of eight years ago),” “Bolasport” praised Kim Yeon-koung for her continuity.

“In the women’s V-League, most foreign players are the team’s ace,” said “However, Kim Yeon-koung is one of the most formidable opponents in all nationalities. In Korea, she sometimes expresses herself as ‘crazy’ and explained to an Indonesian reader.

“Korea played a decisive role in advancing to the semi-finals of the 32nd Tokyo Olympics in Japan,” said the official social media “FIVB Volleyball World” and selected 33-year-old Kim Yeon-koung as the 2021 Women’s Most Valuable Player.

It has already been three years since his second heyday was marked with the last flame, but this season is also a personal talent that is one of the best in Korea. It is not unreasonable to be surprised by “Bollasport,” which saw the V-League for the first time since last year.

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