Until now, Dyer has been a key player for Tottenham but has been pushed back to be a bench member this season.

Until last season, he played with Christian Romero as the starting center back. However, he only started once in the Premier League this season. In total, he played in four games as a substitute. Since newly appointed manager Andrzej Postecoglou took the helm of Tottenham, Dyer has been pushed to the lower ranks. Last summer, Tottenham recruited Dutch center back Mickey van der Ben. Van der Ben has displayed strong defense since the first season of his transfer. Van der Ben left Wolfsburg in the last summer and joined the Tottenham Hotspur F.C. to join the team for a whopping 25 million pounds (41 billion won). Van der Ben has been very active since the first season. He played in 11 league games and averaged 1.6 tackles and 2.9 cleanups per game. The pass success rate stood at 94.6 percent.

With Vanderben coming in, Tottenham’s defense has changed dramatically. Under Romero-Dier’s main center back system last season, Tottenham scored 63 runs in 38 league games. It recorded the fourth most runs among the league’s 20 teams. Romero and Vanderben are in charge of center back this season. Tottenham’s defense has become solid, with only a different partner. It has scored 29 runs in 20 league games. It is the record of tied for seventh in the league for the minimum number of runs. When Vanderben was present, the defense was more solid.

As a result, Tottenham ranks fifth in the league with 12 wins, three draws and five losses (39 points), continuing its race to win the Premier League. The gap is also not wide with Liverpool, which is leading the league, (13 wins, six draws, one loss, 45 points).

He also showed off fantastic chemistry with Son. Notably, the two players showed off their extraordinary performances at the match against Crystal Palace in November last year. At the time, Van Der Ben had two tackles, four clean-ups and a 99 percent pass success rate. At the 21st minute of the second half, Son scored a decisive goal with his team leading 1-0. After the match, Son and Van der Ben shared the joy of victory, arms around each other. “After the whistle blew, Son and Van der Ben congratulated their victory. I think the club atmosphere and the bond between the players are the best we have seen in a long time,” sports expert The Boy Hotspur said. 파친코

Naturally, Dyer’s playing time also decreased. Last season alone, Dyer played in 33 league matches. He also played in seven European Champions League matches, “Stars Stage.” Things have changed this season.

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