“No. 1 unconditionally” Korea is the worst if it’s No. 2 in the group…Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan

In addition to Asian soccer fans, European fans are also interested in when Korea and Japan will meet. He will do the same because there are as many as 32 European players in both teams. Including all the players from countries participating in the Asian Cup, there are much more European players in Korea and Japan. As such, the status of both East Asian countries has risen a lot. 토토사이트 추천

In conclusion, the most likely outcome is a final clash. If Korea tops Group E and Japan tops Group D as expected, the two countries will not meet until they reach the final. However, if one of the two countries is twisted and advances to the tournament as the second-ranked team in the group, there is a possibility that they will meet before then.

For now, if Japan advances to the tournament as the second-place finisher in Group D, and Korea advances as the first-place finisher in Group E, Korea and Japan will face off in the round of 16. However, this is a very unlikely scenario.

This is because it is hard to imagine Japan, which is ranked 17th in FIFA rankings and currently has 10 consecutive A matches, losing to one of Iraq, Vietnam, and Indonesia and going down to second place in the group. No matter how round the ball is, the power difference is too big.

What’s really worst here is if South Korea goes straight to second place in Group E. If so, South Korea could meet Japan in the semifinals. But it’s more likely that they could meet Saudi Arabia, which is expected to top Group F, and Australia in the quarterfinals. Of course, it’s highly likely that Saudi Arabia and Australia will come as expected, given that they are the most dominant teams in terms of power.

Meeting the strongest teams in Asia who are participating in the World Cup in a tournament that is physically challenging is extremely challenging. Physically and tactically, it is challenging.

This is because tournaments can include accumulation of warnings and injury variables. For Korea, it will be the worst case scenario when it is burdened by the tremendous criticism that it is the second place in the group. Even if it goes up, it will have to play in the semifinals at a much disadvantage compared to Japan.

On the other hand, if you finish first in Group E, you may encounter Japan in the round of 16 with a very low chance, but the rest of the matches are relatively easy. And even if you meet Japan in the round of 16, you may face a match between Korea and Japan in 100% of your best condition. It is a well-chosen fight.

Overall, the luck of the match is not a bad thing. Although the match against Iran, which is expected to be held in the quarterfinals, is burdensome, the team has to overcome that level to win the championship. I also have many good memories of the past five quarterfinal matches.

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