10.6 billion principal plus interest plus dividends…Choi Jung, “Best Hyeja ever.” FA history is also legendary

Choi Jeong (37, SSG), a living legend of the KBO League, may have been paid less than what he had achieved in his career. The prevailing view is that whenever he obtained a free agent (FA) qualification, he easily gave his seal without much noise, and that the club and the players made reasonable contracts that were satisfactory in his own way. And he returned what he received to the club. He was an exemplary FA.

Ahead of the 2015 season, Choi became the first free agent and signed a four-year contract worth 8.6 billion won (approx. Choi Jeong was not only one of the best players in the league at the time, but the club officials recalled the negotiations at the time that Choi Jeong did not measure much and just gave his seal.

After leading the team to win the Korean Series in 2018, Choi Jeong-eun, who is back in the FA market, concluded the negotiations faster than expected this time as well. At a time when it was not easy to transfer to another team due to the size of compensation, Choi had strong desire to remain in the team. Eventually, he signed a six-year contract and laid the foundation for life as an “Incheon Man.” At that time, Choi signed a six-year contract worth 10.6 billion won (approx. 토토사이트 순위

In the history of FA in the KBO league, there are not many players who have received more money than FA in the second round. Usually, FA in the first round is going through the heyday of their career, and many players tend to see their skills decline four years later. However, Choi Jeong-eun was doing well and was fully qualified to receive a six-year total of 10.6 billion won. Five years have passed like that.

In fact, the FA market produces a lot of “eat and run.” A player’s past records are clearly shown in the data, but future records are not easy to predict. In particular, a player who has signed a large contract worth around 10 billion won is expected to be put on the chopping block every single one of those records. A considerable number of players are evaluated as “not worth the price paid.” Choi Jeong-eun, however, is a representative player who has not had such controversy for five years. Despite making such a large contract, she has built up her records so faithfully that she has never been nagged.

Choi Jung’s strong performance is also evident in the records. 2019 was the 32nd season for Choi Jung when his six-year contract began. In general, I am less contributing in offense and defense, and most of the legends who actually represented the KBO League have gone through such procedures. However, Choi Jung’s offensive productivity was not enough. Now, even at the time when he is in his mid-to-late 30s, the graph does not intend to be bent. The defense also has no intention of being pushed back. It still protects the third base.

According to the statistics website Statiz, Choi Jeong recorded an adjusted scoring capacity (wRC+) of 148.9 in 2019. It was 138.8 in 2020, 155.9 in 2021, and 145.4 in 2022. And it was still a top-notch record last year, recording 155.8.8 percent. Based on Statiz’s tally, the winning contribution (WAR) for five years amounts to 28.31. Usually, FA fielders calculate the value of each WAR between 500 million won and 700 million won, which is more than 14 billion won. In other words, Choi Jeong has already paid dividends to the club, as he has not paid all the principal and interest of the investment to the club. Such a player is not easy to find in the FA history of the KBO League.

If Choi Jeong finishes the 2024 season normally, he will be eligible for the third FA in his life. Of course, it is not an accurate count as some players have advanced overseas, but at least it is expected to be the third FA qualification event in the KBO League after Park Yong-taek and Kang Min-ho. The previous highest amount of the third FA was KRW 3.6 billion for four years, which Kang Min-ho has. If Choi Jeong maintains his current skills, this record is likely to be easily overcome.

SSG is reportedly calculating in advance what Choi Jung will appear in the FA market after the end of this year, and is considering various things including salary cap. The thesis that “catch no matter what” remains unchanged. Chances are high that Choi will give unrequited treatment, and given Choi’s current skills, chances are high that he will not sign a short-term contract even at age 38.

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