‘Truck protests are up’ Heungkuk Life fans explode with anger at Yelena…a call for the replacement of foreigners

Fans of Heungkuk Life Insurance, a women’s professional volleyball team, have staged truck protests demanding the replacement of foreign players. Yelena (27, 196 centimeters), a foreign player of Heungkuk Life Insurance, has been in a severe slump recently. As a result, attacks have been concentrated on Kim Yeon-koung, the “volleyball empress,” raising concerns over her overload. 토토사이트 추천

She has shown signs of sluggish performance since the third round. Yelena’s attack efficiency stood at only 17.19 percent at the Korea Professional Baseball Classic on April 17, and only 18.75 percent at the Hyundai Engineering & Construction match on April 20.

In the match against Jeonggwanjang on Monday, he successfully rebounded to 20 points by boosting his attack efficiency to 36.5 percent. In an interview with reporters after the match, he confessed that December is the most difficult month for him personally, adding that it is difficult because he has many holidays but is far from home.

The reason for her lackluster performance in recent months was homesickness, not physical strength. Elena seemed to be showing her full capability again in the fourth round. However, fans demanded replacement of foreign players after disappointing performance in two recent matches. Some fans even staged a truck protest at Heungkuk Life Insurance’s headquarters in Gwanghwamun, Seoul on Tuesday.

In the match against Pepper Savings Bank on the 7th, Elena scored 21 points, the second most in her team. However, the attack success rate was only 28.33 percent, and the attack efficiency remained at 8.33 percent.

At the match against Korea Expressway Corporation on Friday, Yelena showed the worst performance ever with eight points and 20 percent attack success rate. Notably, her attack efficiency recorded minus 10 percent, which forced her to face criticism from her fans.

Avon Danza, manager of Heungkuk Life Insurance, even sighed. “I have nothing to say about this kind of game. Foreign players should not be negative,” he said. “We need to show good performance in Apogit.”

Elena led Heungkuk Life Insurance to No. 1 in the regular league with Kim Yeon-koung, who was ranked third in the league in scoring and the most points (821 points) in her team last season. However, she failed to win the championship title due to a shocking reverse sweep by Korea Expressway Corporation.

Kim Yeon-koung, who was considering retirement at the time, decided to extend her active career to achieve her last dream of winning the championship, and chose to renew her contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has been running all the time except when she entered the overseas league since her debut. Heungkuk Life Insurance’s promise to reinforce its power to win the championship was crucial to holding Kim Yeon-koung’s heart.

Ahead of this season, Heungkuk Life Insurance recruited veteran middle blocker Kim Soo-ji as a free agent and made efforts to strengthen its capacity by bringing in Asian quarterback Raina. On top of that, it renewed its contract with Yelena, who had shown stellar performance last season, to show trust.

However, Yelena’s performance this season has failed to meet expectations. She is currently ranked seventh with 489 points in the league’s scoring list, lower than Kim Yeon-koung (497 points), and ranked sixth among foreign players in the seven women’s teams after Jia (427 points). In addition, her attack success rate (40.05 percent) is ranked 10th overall, the lowest among foreign players, and her attack efficiency (26.08 percent) is also low, ranking sixth among foreign players.

As the V-League has a high proportion of foreign players, Yelena’s role in Heungkuk Life is very important. If Yelena does not play her role, Heungkuk Life’s challenge to win this season will inevitably become more difficult. If this happens, the nightmare of last season, which was frustrated at the time of winning, can be reproduced.

Fans of Heungkuk Life Insurance urged the club to make a cool-headed decision. In an interview with CBS No Cut News, these fans said, “The communication channels for the fans’ opinions to be communicated to the club are all blocked, so we had no choice but to convey them through truck protests,” adding, “We cannot wait and see (Jelena) playing the game with an insincere attitude. We urge the club to make the right decision.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance currently has 18 wins and five losses in tandem with Hyundai Engineering & Construction (55 points), but is trailing by five points and ranking second (50 points). It remains to be seen whether Yelena will succeed in rebounding in the last game of the break between GS Caltex and All Star to be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 17th to calm the anger of fans.

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