‘FA Mia Crisis’ Hong Gun-hee – Sovereignty…How much did you get and how much do you want

The spring camp is just around the corner. Players who leave early have already packed their bags and left for the training site. However, there are three players who have applied for FA and have yet to find a new team. It is truly a “losing crisis.” They are pitcher Hong Kun-hee, sovereignty and infielder Kim Min-sung.

Hong Geon-hee and Sovereignty are high-quality resources that enable them to immediately play in the first division. However, news of the contract has not been reported yet. Why does time fly so fast. 스포츠토토사이트

After moving from his hometown team KIA Tigers to Doosan Bears, Hong showed off his value by playing various roles, including finishing touches and must-win groups. He immediately made 18 saves in the 2022 season and 22 saves last season.

However, there was no competition in the market. The ups and downs of investing in a built-in finish served as a stumbling block. FAA grade. The compensation bleeding is too big.

Sovereignty is the same. Grade A. Sovereignty was the “hold king.” He was the most reliable pitcher in the KT bullpen. However, after playing so well, he failed to display his best performance during the 2022 and 2023 seasons. He suffered a double injury.

Both Hong Gun-hee and Sovereignty were in fact the single window of the original teams Doosan and KT. The market logic is so. Without competition, ransom cannot rise. On top of that, the KBO League has recently been implementing a thoroughly planned budget by clubs due to the salary cap system. Players will dream of making a big hit at a once-in-a-lifetime FA opportunity, but the situation is not easy. It is not a situation that can be obtained by blindly enduring for a long time. This is because even if the club wants to give it, there is no money that can be executed.

To put it bluntly, it is a situation in which the team has to stamp the conditions presented by the club. It is difficult to change the conditions in a big way. It would be only slightly adjusted to options.

If so, how much did Doosan and KT offer to the two? According to the report, Doosan reportedly set a four-year total of 2 billion won to Hong Geon-hee, and KT set a four-year total of 1 billion won to Sovereignty. Hong Geon-hee seems to have received a more generous evaluation in that he is on the rise in recent records and is healthy without getting sick.

Not stamping the price indicates that the players want more money than this. There is no right answer to which valuation is right. Objective evaluation is important for negotiations and contracts, but also luck and conditions of the market at the time must be followed. How much will the two players be stamping their seal on the final amount? Will they be able to wrap up their contract issues before the camp begins and start preparing for the season normally.

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