“Even a helicopter over your newlywed house?” Ohtani’s anger…Dodgers ‘banned’ two Japanese broadcasters

Hyundai Business, a Japanese media outlet, reported on Wednesday that the Dodgers has frozen the coverage of two television networks, Nippon TV and Fuji TV. This means that the pass for coverage has been suspended.

The media also said, “Otani Shohei’s management company also banned these broadcasters from transmitting videos related to Ohtani in the future, including past data.” As a result, it is rumored that a complete video replacement was inevitable even in the special broadcast organized by Nihon TV on the 9th.

The broadcaster responded to questions asking for fact-checking, saying, “It is customary not to answer questions about coverage (Nihon TV)” and “There is nothing special to mention (Fuji TV).” 토토사이트 순위

The media pointed out that the cause of the problem was excessive coverage. After the news that Ohtani had bought a new mansion, he approached it too much for follow-up reports.

Hyundai Business quoted a local resident as saying, “The two broadcasters reported in detail about the fact that the superstar had set up a honeymoon house worth 1.2 billion yen (about 10.5 billion won) near LA. There seemed to be concerns that he might cause danger to his wife, Mamiko (due to excessive leakage of privacy information).”

Another media outlet, Shukan Jose, focused on the opinion of a person who introduced himself as a journalist who was well versed in overseas sports. According to the report, reporters with cameras appeared around the place where they bought the new mansion, and they were told that there was a case where a helicopter flew in the air. It means that residents might have felt uncomfortable or anxious about the sudden approach of reporters.

What is noteworthy is that Ohtani’s response is unusual. Until now, he has been friendly to the media like his character. It is said that when a resident or correspondent from Japan stands out, he intentionally approaches and talks to them.

However, the reaction is that the atmosphere has changed considerably since the illegal gambling case of former interpreter Mizuhara Ifei. In other words, he was greatly disappointed and angry at the fact that some Japanese media raised groundless suspicions, such as, “Maybe Ohtani himself was involved in illegality.”

On top of that, it is presumed that the situation of causing inconvenience to neighbors must have been very embarrassing as coverage overheated in the area of privacy related to the recent purchase of a house.

In any case, this sanction does not seem to be just a problem at the Dodgers club level. Considering that the management company has also kept pace, it is interpreted that his will worked strongly.

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