“San Francisco, Lee Jung-hoo Find Temporary Measures” KBO 20 Win MVP Fellow Surge…”Fierce” for a 20-percent center fielder

The Chicago White Sox are preparing for a fire sale the most, but Lewis Robert Jr. (27) is also mentioned a lot in the fielders. There are many opinions that the White Sox will sell Peddy and Crochet, but that they will rebuild the team around Robert and that they will sell even Robert.

Robert is a Cuban outfielder who was born in 1997. He has played in the Minor League since 2018 and entered the Major League in 2020. The White Sox believe that he will become the face of the team and signed a long-term contract worth up to $88 million for 6+2 years. Although he was evaluated as a super-specialized prospect, he was a winning pitcher at a time when the Major League had not been verified at all.

The guarantee contract is until 2025, so whether the White Sox will sell this player this time is a pressing concern. In the Major League Baseball, the volume was on the decline after hitting 0.338 with 13 homers and 43 RBIs with an OPS of 0.945 in 68 games in the 2021 season.

He has 12 hits in 60 times at bat in 16 games this season. However, he had seven homers with 10 RBIs and an OPS of 0.845. In fact, he had a batting average of 0.264 last year, when he played in 145 games, but hit 38 home runs. He is not a rising star for no reason. He failed to play in many games due to injury, but has continued to play since this month.

It is natural for postseason contenders to keep an eye on such Robert. In particular, attention is focusing on the San Francisco Giants’ move to lose Lee Jung-hoo due to injury. Sports Illustrated’s Giants Baseball Insider said on Monday (Korea time) that San Francisco has a chance to trade Robert. 토토사이트 순위

In fact, “San Francisco is looking for a solution to its full-time shortstop and a temporary measure to replace the injured Lee Jung-hoo,” said Dr. Jim Borden of The Athletic in an article examining recent trade market trends. “Considering that starting pitchers Blake Snell, Robbie Ray and Alex Cobb will return from the injured list at other points, they should stay in the wild-card race throughout the season.”

After Lee Jung-hoo’s outing for the season, the San Francisco Giants appointed Eliot Ramos (25), the younger brother of Henry Ramos, a foreign hitter who plays for the Doosan Bears in the KBO League, as center fielder. Ramos has displayed stellar performance in 32 games this season by posting a batting average of 0.305 with six homers, 24 RBIs, 13 runs and an OPS of 0.885. He also posted a batting average of 0.349 with four homers and 11 RBIs in June.

However, critics point out that the team needs to recruit Robert to stably fill the void left by Lee throughout the season. “He is the perfect trade target for both the present and the future. He will strengthen his offense capability,” said Giants Baseball Insider.

Even if the White Sox trade Robert, there is no guarantee that San Francisco will recruit him. If the team succeeds in recruiting Lee, it will also be of utmost interest to Lee Jung-hoo, who will return next year. As Lee Jung-hoo, who has a six-year, $113 million contract, is not a player who should worry about his position, he is expected to come up with a plan for coexistence somehow. San Francisco feels the absence of Lee Jung-hoo greatly.

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